Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales – Part 1

A couple of weeks ago we headed off to Bluestone Wales. A National Park Resort in the beautiful countryside of Pembrokeshire. Becoming a blogger over three years ago, has given us many opportunities and when we were invited over to Bluestone it was our most exciting yet.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

We were due to arrive at Bluestone on the Monday after a fun busy weekend that started off at 3 am on the Saturday morning. You see we were heading up to Derbyshire to see Mr B’s Nan who is 102 and wanted to take her out for lunch, so an early start from Cornwall was needed! On the Sunday morning we drove across the Peak District to Manchester for BlogOn. We knew the hardest part of the drive would be from Manchester to Bluestone so we were up early again on Monday morning.

Turning on Sat Nav and following his advice took us right through the centre of Wales and the stunning views. To avoid the traffic he took us down some really tight country lanes as well, but we arrived safely at Bluestone around 11:30 am. The fantastic thing about Bluestone Wales is that you can get onto the resort from 11am and use the facilities before you head over to your lodge where checking in time depends on your lodge type.

Check In – Day 1

I love the check in booths, where you don’t have to step outside your car! We rolled up, got all our info, including free passes to the Blue Lagoon, lodge key cards, map and car pass and was directed to the long stay car park. One of the things that’s great about Bluestone is that it’s a car free resort. If you are disabled you can get a pass to be allowed onto the resort outside the arrival and departure times. They do however let you drive your car up to your lodge for unpacking and packing at either ends of your stay.

As we arrived early we got the pram out, popped the rain cover on and went off to explore before we could head up to our lodge, which was the Ramsey style lodge.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

We found ourselves at the Adventure Centre. There is an under 3’s soft play/play area upstairs so we headed up there first. This was the only time we went up to the area the whole week as it was a little too young for baby girl. I would say it’s more for the up to 18 months old children. The rest of the week we kept popping into the main soft play and adventure areas when the weather got too bad. Unfortunately the weather all week was wet and windy.

Before we went up to the lodge we decided to head outside the resort and find a supermarket to stock up for the week. I’m still on maternity leave at the moment, so we couldn’t afford to eat out all the time while we were there. A few miles down the road we found a NISA. I had made a list of what we were going to eat when, and also the times we could eat out, so we quickly found our way around picking up the fresh food. I did however pack a really huge back of dry food, snacks and drinks before we left home from what we had in the cupboards to save a little money while we were away.

Heading back to the resort we found ourselves in a huge queue of other holidaymakers wanting to check in as this was around 3:30 ish. So a note for next time would be to head to the shops after the check in time to avoid the traffic queue!

The Lodge

Once we got back into the resort we drove up to our lodge. I think we were given the lodge with the most beautiful view, by itself and on the edge of the lake. Number 20 Bartholomew Rise would be our home for the next few days. Mr B unloaded the car and took it back to the long stay car park for the week. Then picked up our buggy. We got Gwenda, she was lovely and our Welsh friend for the duration of our stay. I’m so pleased I we ordered a buggy months beforehand, with the weather conditions, a toddler and a baby it would have been tough walking everywhere all week considering the size of the resort.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales - lodge

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales - golf buggy

Before we unpacked we had a look around our lodge. It was clean and laid out wonderfully. Our home for the week was going to be upside down living. The living area and kitchen occupied the whole of the top floor.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales - inside a Ramsey lodge

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

Thank god stair gates were installed! After a while baby girl calmed down enough to stop running around the kitchen area and looking in all the cupboards. The kitchen was well stocked with equipment. Only downside was that the frying pan was not non stick and a bloody nightmare trying to fry an egg! Of course baby girl found the cheese grater, whose ever house she goes in she will hunt around until she finds the cheese grater!

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

We had pizzas for tea, quick and easy after a long day of travelling. The oven was spotless as you can see. An instruction manual was inside the drawer by the oven to help you navigate the hob, oven and microwave.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales

It was lovely to settle down for the evening watching TV and chilling out on the leather sofas which were comfy. Relaxation was totally needed.

Our Family Holiday at Bluestone Wales


 Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed reading about our first day at Bluestone Wales.

You can pop back tomorrow to read about the rest of our holiday.

Part 2 is right here >>  What we did on holiday at Bluestone Wales



*We were approached by Bluestone National Park Resort to come and stay with them in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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