Facts You May Not Know About the Rodents in Your Home

The common rodent is a hardy little guy and he can live in just about any environment, yet more often than not, the mouse or rat will set up home in your home. Why? Well, there’s an abundance of food on tap and it is clean and dry. They are masters at discretion and it is only the tell-tale signs of mice droppings that make you aware of their existence. You might be a “live and let live” kind of person and think that sharing your home with a few rodents is not an issue, but when you consider that they are carriers of disease, that changes everything. Rodents in your home is not a nice subject to discuss, but you do need to be aware with the colder weather ahead.

Facts You May Not Know About the Rodents in Your Home

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Here are a few facts about rodents that you might not be aware of.

  • Mice Eat Up To 20 Times A Day – While we can manage on 2 or 3 meals a day, the common dormouse, for example, spends a large portion of its time eating. That isn’t surprising when you consider how much energy they use, scurrying around at speed and whatever you have in your kitchen, the mouse will somehow find a way to eat it. They can chew through packaging if need be, although they prefer to eat the food that is easily accessible.
  • Mice Are Territorial – Much like dogs, mice are very protective of their home territory and if another family tries to move in, they will defend their space. Of course, this does not help the poor homeowner, who is trying to remove the current resident mice family, and with a ferocious breeding rate, a single family will soon overrun the property.
  • Rats And Mice Are Clever Little Creatures – Sticking a mousetrap in the kitchen might work once or twice, but these sly little freeloaders are not stupid. They would never have lasted as long as they have without some form of intelligence. Man has been trying to rid mice from his living space since time began and it is only in the last few years that a revolutionary device has become available. Check out the electronic rodent repellent you can get from Pest Free USA, a supplier of pest control devices.
  • Mice Sometimes Eat Each Other – This might surprise you and to be honest, they only eat each other when there is nothing else on offer. Mice and rats are known carriers of many diseases, which is why you should do whatever it takes to remove them from your home. Using electromagnetic waves will drive the rodents away to set up home somewhere else. It does not kill them, so you won’t find a decomposing rodent behind the sofa.


Mice and rats have evolved alongside humans for many years and removing them from your home has never been easier since the arrival of an electromagnetic device that repels all types of rodents and insects. Just a quick online search, and you will be taken to websites informing you about such a device. Once and for all, you can eliminate rodents from your home, and be able to do that without the use of any harmful chemicals!


Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you won’t ever have to remove rodents from your home!

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