Ever Wondered What Happens To Your Baggage At Airports?

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You just got the airport, the excitement of a family holiday is in the air, and you are ready to drop off your luggage when your child asks: “why are we leaving our luggage here?”. We are not leaving it here; it will be taken to the airplane we are flying on, you say. “But how does it get there?”. Well… that’s a good question that you don’t have an answer to, yet! 

Ever Wondered What Happens To Your Baggage At Airports?
Ever Wondered What Happens To Your Baggage At Airports?

What if I told you that while you are walking around the airport, your luggage is actually going on a roller coaster ride? Yup, that’s right! I have been working at Aviation Spares, an aviation equipment supplier, for quite some time and in that time, I’ve grown to know the ins and outs of airports. 

Let’s start at the beginning. You drop off your luggage at the check-in desk to a member of the airline you are flying with. This person will attach a barcode tag to your luggage and place it on a conveyor belt and there it goes! Now, your suitcase has all the information that it needs to get to the same flight as yours, including destination, any stopover cities and a ten-digit barcode.

Then, your suitcase will enter the baggage handling system. This system is made of long rows of conveyors belts, transporting thousands of suitcases every day up and down, right to left. It’s an incredible piece of engineering which could be compared to a lengthy roller coaster. A video by the Thrillist shows this entire journey at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, so you can see it for yourself!

At the end of the baggage handling system, your suitcase will go through x-ray machines to ensure it doesn’t contain any illegal objects and once that’s all cleared up, it will be taken to the collection area. At this point, a baggage handler will scan the barcode in your suitcase and will load it onto a baggage cart and then, it will be moved onto a belt loader which will carry your luggage into the airplane. 

After you’ve safely landed at your destination, your luggage will go through the same process and it will end up on a large circular carousel. Then, it’s time for you to have your own adventure with your family. Now, next time your children ask you what happens to your luggage when you drop it off at the airport, you can explain! 

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