7 Great Family Summer Day’s Out in the South-West

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In the summertime, when children leave the school playground for the last time for several weeks, lots of different countries populations move in different directions. In the US they flee west and east to the coasts. In France they tend to travel south towards the Riveria. In Russia they move inland towards Siberia. In the UK, it’s straight on down the A303 to head in a Southwesterly direction. Cornwall. Devon. Somerset. Dorset. All these places are doubtless engraved in the memories of many parents as happy places where much fun time was spent. If you want to have similar experiences shared with all members of your family, here are seven places you might consider taking them on.

Day’s out in the South-West.

Family Day's Out In The South-West - Fairground ride - Great family day's out at the amusement's

Pennywell Farm, Devon

Agriculturally themed days out are a staple of the South Western summer experience, and if you want a very hands-on and down to earth farming experience, look no further than Pennywell Farm. When it was originally founded, the plan was this would not be anything like a zoo, but would rather be somewhere that children could get up and close with animals and see what they are like. Particular attractions include the tractor and trailer ride, red rocket ride, and of course, pig racing. The farm is also a major centre for the breeding of miniature pigs, an adorable variant of New Zealand’s Kune Kune breed. An all-around perfect day out for younger children.

The MacGuffin Project, Dorset

On a trip down to Bournemouth, you can find yourself locked in with a collection of coins, computers, and confounding challenges that stand between you and escape. Escape rooms are all the rage these days, and the MacGuffin project offers something that is ideally suitable for children of ages 8 and above. Face the machinations of the mysterious machine that has taken over this strange steampunk aesthetic circus. Will you be able to undo the system’s maniacal grip before the time runs out? Flex your mental muscles and find out!

The Loe Pool, Cornwall

Cornwall is a host to a wide variety of natural wonders. Mostly we think of them as being on the coast, but travelling a little further inland can be very rewarding too. The Loe Poole is a fifty-hectare lake with amazing greenery for picnics and adventurous play. The Loe also features the National Trust’s ‘Green Gym’ where outdoor gym equipment is blended as naturally as possible into the surrounding countryside. Although it is designed with adult exercise in mind, children will have a lot of fun using this artfully crafted trim trail, as they enjoy the landscape of this beautiful area.

The National Marine Aquarium, Devon

A huge variety of marine life and aquatic creatures can be found on display in this amazing educational adventure centre. Plymouth is home to the National Marine Aquarium, a set of tanks and pools teeming with 4,000 different types of waterborne creatures. Everything ranging from sharks to rays to anemones to octopuses. With giant glass walls holding back over four million litres of water, there is so much to see, and so much awe to be inspired, any kids taken here will have some amazing memories, to be sure. One of my top day’s out in the South-West.

Day's out in the South-West  - National Marine Aquarium liv and Mr B

The Milky Way Adventure Park, Devon

What could be a bigger adventure than the final frontier? Devon’s Milky Way Adventure park makes a good case for it being the ultimate in family fun times. Spring 2019 sees the arrival of children grabbing their Blastroid laser cannons, riding on their Cyber Scooters, and getting ready to take part in Ziggy’s Blast Quest. With three separate sections suitable for preschoolers, infants, and older primary aged children, the Milky Way makes a stellar contribution to family fun days in the south-west. Ball pits, cushion zones, falconry demonstrations, wonderland rooms, the list goes on! And if all that wasn’t enough, no fees! One entry charge, and everything else is included!

We The Curious, Bristol

Adventurous minds require adventurous places to visit. We the Curious is an interactive museum and science display centre, featuring everything from planetarium shows that offer guided tours of the night sky, the amazing ‘Animate It!’ experience brought by the people who created Wallace and Gromit, and a genuine live depiction of the human brain. Robots, botanical gardens, interactive games, and live experiments. If your children want to better see science in the real world, there are few better places to go to!

Mr Mulligan’s, Dorset

Crazy golf can only get crazier if you combine it with classic English eccentricity and an overblown Hollywood aesthetic. Watch your attempts to pot a hole in one dodge between attacking aliens, cyberpunk-esque neon settings, and the remains of a curiously haunted diner. All of which seems more than a little out of place in Bournemouth! Surely there is no single game more classically southwestern family fun than crazy golf, and Mr Mulligan may be the supreme and extreme expression thereof. Enjoy the crazy zany world building, watch your tee roll away, and do your best to sink that birdie.

Wherever in the South-West, you are travelling to this summer, make sure you and your family make the best kind of memories. The kinds of memories that will have them bringing their kids back here in a distant, but very real future.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you’ve found this post useful for planning your day’s out in the South-West.

Back in February, we popped over to the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, you can read our review here.

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