2019 Travel Bucket List

While I am sitting here writing this blog post on my 2019 Travel Bucket List. I’m sitting in a gorgeous wooden lodge in Pembrokeshire, Wales. Isn’t it funny that while you are on holiday you always think and plan your next escape?

Mr B and I were looking at holiday destinations this afternoon while it was raining and blowing a hooly outside our lodge, dreaming of where to take the kids next year. We have been discussing whether to keep to the UK or to go abroad.

Do we go somewhere hot? like Spain? Mr B was in fact in Marbella only in June for work and loved it!

Or do we go for somewhere breathtakingly beautiful like Iceland? I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland to see the Northern Lights and stay in an Ice Hotel. I have to say I’m more of a cold weather person. The sun and heat don’t agree with my fair skin and red hair!

2019 Travel Bucket List

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

I’ve put together a small 2019 travel bucket list of places we would love to go in the UK and worldwide. If you are stuck for your own ideas of where to go, why not browse Holiday Gems for ideas.

2019 Travel Bucket List

  • Vancouver – To see my sister who lives there.
  • Iceland – I’ve always wanted to go to Iceland for the Northern Lights, the scenery and to stay in an Ice Hotel.
  • Austria – My dream is to go and visit the place where my favourite film was made – the Sound of Music. Plus visiting the Austrian Christmas Markets.
  • Butlins – Do you know what I’ve never been to Butlins! It’s somewhere I would love to take the girls on a Just for Tots break that wouldn’t cost us the earth.
  • Manchester – Not the most existing of places to go, but would love to go to the next two BlogOn conferences next year in May and September.
  • Scarborough and Whitby – I have been to Scarborough and Whitby a couple of times and although I live close to the sea in Cornwall it’s a different seaside and they are in Yorkshire – one of my favourite counties. It would be lovely to get back their next year.


What destinations are on your 2019 travel bucket list?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have enjoyed my blog post.

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8 thoughts on “2019 Travel Bucket List

  1. I have had many countries on my bucket list to visit, but didnt get to any of them this year, but Iceland and Poland are the top two on my list. perhaps next year

  2. Some great places there to travel to, I would also love to see the Northern Lights, good luck in ticking these off.

  3. Not sure where we’ll head in 2019. This year though we went to Spain, not to the usual touristy areas though, but in July this year we were in Picos de Europa in Northern Spain. Seems to be an area the Spanish are keeping to themselves. Would definitely go back; absolutely beautiful and believe it or not the temperature was actually cooler than it was in the UK.

    I also have Iceland as one of the places on my bucket list, though dear knows when we’ll get there. Oh, and would also love to experience an ice-hotel. I think I’ve been fascinated by them from when I first heard of the ice hotel.

    I’ve been to Vancouver a couple of times and love that area of Canada – would love to go back.

    But I’ve not yet been to Austria – Another place I want to visit, so maybe there next year…

  4. I can wholeheartedly recommend Manchester (it’s my home city!). I don’t really have a long list for 2019 but I’m really hoping my OH and I will be able to get away on our own for a night or two!

  5. None planned yet ! Iceland is Definately up there for me – if 2019 is like summer 2018 local places are looking favourable

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