Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet -Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck Review

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This last week we’ve been having great fun with the Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet. The *Mighty Dump Truck and *Garbage Truck has made a fantastic entrance to our toy cupboard. Both my girls love to play outside in the mud and stones, so these have fitted in perfectly for our outdoor playtime. L is just showing everyone her expression that girls can play with trucks too!

Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet -Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck Review - indoor play

I remember Tonka Trucks being around when I was a kid. They are great robust toys that just last and last.

About Tonka

Tonka originated in 1947 in Mound, Minnesota originally created and manufactured by Mound Metalcraft (manufacturer of garden implements).

The company began selling metal toys, which soon became the primary business. In November 1955, Mound Metalcraft changed its name to Tonka Toys Incorporated. The name Tonka comes from the Dakota Sioux word “Tanka” or Tonka, which means “great” or “big”.

Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet -Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck

In 2001, the trucks were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame at The Strong in Rochester, New York.

For almost 70 years, Tonka trucks have been the undisputed kings of the sandbox for decades. Built on the notion that “a toy shouldn’t break just because a child plays with it,” they’re strong, sturdy, and long-lasting. Back in the ’70s, Tonka even had an elephant stand on one, just to prove their point.

Tonka Trucks

Product Description – Tonka Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck

It’s time to take charge of your own fleet of vehicles, with Tonka’s Mighty Metal fleet of 8 Inch dumper and truck toys. Made from real steel, ensuring ‘Tonka tough’ endurance, these toys are ready for the toughest jobs available.

Blue Garbage Truck - Tonka Trucks
Tonka Dumper Truck

Great for encouraging role-play fun and creativity within children, as they take charge and prepare to demolish and clear away anything in their path. Encourage independent play, or collect the range and the cool bonus collector cards while playing with friends. Help to develop fine motor skills and dexterity within young children as they laugh and play.

Age range 3 – 6 years.


  • 2 styles in available – Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck  
  • New size of vehicle for Tonka
  • Reinforces Tonka Toughness and focusses on steel/metal
  • An ideal toy for both indoor and outdoor play

What We Thought

Fantastic quality trucks. They are tough! Heavier than I thought they would be, but that’s because they are steel. There is a great sturdy feel to the trucks. L tested them out by rolling them go down her slide! Not a mark on the trucks and it was great fun. Both my girls are love outdoor play, especially in the gravel in the back garden.

L playing with the Tonka Trucks

These Tonka trucks were built for playing in the gravel. They love to load up the mighty dump truck and use the tipper. Suitable for indoor play also, loading up blocks and moving them around the room.

Tonka Mighty Metal Fleet -Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck Review - indoor play

The Mighty Dump Truck is in the original bold yellow, it has a great tipper ready to unload sand, earth, or gravel during outdoor play. The garbage truck is in a striking blue and is the perfect truck to play with over different terrains.

Happy girls playing with Tonka Trucks

Each truck comes with its own collector’s card, which we loved matching up with the truck. We can’t wait to collect the set! The Tonka trucks make excellent gifts for children and will last for years.

Tonka Trucks Available To Buy From

You can find the Tonka Mighty Dump Truck & Garbage Truck range on *Amazon.


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  1. There is a very good reason that Tonka toys are still around: they are fabulous toys. I played with their trucks in the sandpit when I was a child and had thousands of happy hours doing so.

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