A Guide To Preparing For A Long-Distance Relocation

Moving house is one thing, but if you are looking at an interstate long-distance relocation, this does add a level of difficulty, and there is no room for errors when you are taking your possessions thousands of miles. The best solution is to make contact with a company that specialises in interstate removals, as they have the know-how and the resources to carry out the move, which does take the pressure off you.

How to prepare for a long-distance relocation

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Container Removals

This is by far the best way to relocate to another state, and a good removalist would deliver an empty container, which you can load at your leisure. Once the unit is tied down ready for transit, the removalist would use a grab truck and load the container for the journey. Of course, you could have the removal firm handle the packing, which leaves you free to arrange things like utilities, and if you have any special considerations, inform the removal team and they will gladly oblige. There are 20ft and 40ft containers and the removalist would be able to calculate the space requirements, and moving containers is very safe, with the minimum of movement. Once the unit is secured on the truck, it isn’t going anywhere.

Preparing The New Dwelling

This is not as simple as if the new home was just down the road, and you will need to plan carefully and it might be an idea to contact a professional home cleaner and have them prepare the new home. This can be done online, and the agent can meet the team at the property and oversee the clean on your behalf. If you do have to visit prior to the move, liaise the cleaning so that you will be able to supervise, and your agent can help regarding arranging utility connections. A quicks search on Google should lead you to articles giving more tips on how to have a smooth interstate removal, which make for informative reads.


There are many items that you rarely use and these things can be prepacked, which will save you time. Always refer to your inventory, which includes every item that is on the to-go list. Aside from your inventory, you should have a to-do list that would include the following:

  • Informing local services that you no longer require their services.
  • Informing subscriptions of your new address.
  • Clear the accounts on all utilities and arrange for the disconnection at your old property and the connection at the new residence.
  • Waste removal solutions. There will be a lot of waste and probably things you either sell or donate to a local charity.

Choosing The Removalist

Ideally, you want a company that specialises in long-distance removals. You can rely on the local movers Gold Coast has if you live in the area for some assistance. If you can find one that is affiliated with federations or associations, this is a sign of excellent service.

A Guide To Preparing For A Long-Distance Relocation

Image Source: Freepik

Along with the tips provided above, remember to look for the best place to drop an empty container. You will can then pack at your leisure, or better still, leave that to the experts.

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