The Bellies Babies “Bobby Boo” Review

*Ad-gifted: We received a Bellies Babies in exchange for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ever since I had her sister, L has had a fascination with baby dolls. When I’m feeding the baby she has always got her doll out and copied, feeding her own baby. Lucky for her we got the chance to have a first look at The Bellies Babies. Her first reaction ” Wow mum it’s a baby pretty baby”

The Bellies Babies "Bobby Boo" Review

What are The Bellies?

The Bellies are the craziest, cutest and funniest babies! New dolls with a unique play value not to mention collectability with heaps of surprises.

Bobby Boo Bellies

Born in Bellyville, each cute baby (there are four to collect) comes with its own unique story and personalities. You can get Pinky-Twinki, shes the naughtiest. Then there is Yumi-Yummy who is the greediest, and Muak-Muaki, the most loving of all The Bellies. Last up is Bobby-Boo, who we got to review. He’s the funniest.

Take their plasters off to hear a heartbeat, listen to them babble in their own funny language.

The Bellies chat and babble, but the surprises don’t stop there! New adoptive parents will soon discover their baby’s birthmark and find the surprises left behind in their nappy; checking with the “Poopypedia” to see what type of care the baby needs!

The Bellies – Bobby Boo

We received Bobby Boo to check out. He’s a little cutie that does not stop babbling away! He laughs and is always a happy little chappie. That’s the great thing about The Bellies is that all of the babies have their own individual personality. Bobby Boo (although when he speaks it sounds a bit like “booby boo”!) is a fan of scaring you. He can go quiet then all of a sudden start babbling away, I still haven’t got used to that yet! He truly is a unique Bellies baby.

The on-off switch is his belly button, which is a really cool idea. You have to remove the little umbilical cord from the button which activates him. Immediately you hear the little heart beating and his chest lights up.

Once you take off his little nappy, you will discover a surprise!! You might want to then look in the Poppypedia to discover how to look after him.

The Bellies Babies doing a pooh

On his little bottom, you will discover his special birthmark. Bobby Boo’s is blue, just like his favourite colour.


The Bellies Babies come with the following accessories:

  • Poopypedia
  • Birth Certificate
  • Blanket
  • Dummy
  • Feeding Bottle
  • Identification Bracelet
  • Small sheet of stickers
  • Bobby Boo also had a little hat

You can also buy an emergency kit as an extra which will help your bellies get better. There are details on what is in this kit inside the Poopypedia.

What we think

The Bellies are a fairly small baby doll around 8 inches long. You can twist its head to remove it (seems strange to do this!) and insert the 3 AAA batteries which are included.

The Bellies Babies instructions to change batteries

They are from a Spanish toymaker, so everything is in Spanish as well as English on the instructions and Poopypedia.

It’s a weird, but cute in some way doll. It’s babbling does get annoying after a while, although L seems to adore it! She thinks it’s amazing to cover him up with the sheet and give him his bottle. I cut the bed out of the back of the cardboard packaging for her as she wanted a bed for him.

Bobby Boo accessories

It’s nappy has velcro tabs so easy for a child to put on or take off. The birthmark is a jewel which I think is a nice addition and its dummy has a magnet in it so it will stay onto the baby’s face. If you put two or more of the Bellies together they do interact with each other.

The Bellies Birthmark

There is a new YouTube channel out where you can discover more about The Bellies Babies.

Where to buy The Bellies Babies?

The Bellies Babies will be on sale from mid-August at Amazon and Smyths and have an RRP: £29.99

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