Mowing The Lawn With Casdon Flymo – Review

*Ad-gifted | We were gifted the Casdon Flymo in exchange for this post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

At 3 years old, L is loving many different role-play activities. We love reviewing toys that help with role play. One minute she’s a doctor, or a fireman and the next a gardener. When Mr B is outside mowing the lawn L desperately wants to copy and follow him around the garden.

Thanks to Casdon Flymo she can. A simple toy can give so much fun and laughter to a child and the Casdon Flymo simply does that.

Mowing The Lawn With Casdon Flymo - Review

Now the weather is hopefully going to stay sunny so why not let your kids help the garden looking ship shape with the Flymo Lawn Mower; another exciting replica from Casdon Toys. The Flymo features a foldable handle for easy storage and a mechanical click when the mower is on the move. It also features the iconic orange base and is perfect for little ones to help out in the sunshine!

For packaging reasons, the handle to the Casdon Flymo lawnmower is unattached in the box. But it simply clicks into place and away you go.

putting the casdon flymo together

The handle will fold down for easy storage, L likes to park it up next to her dad’s lawnmower in the garage.

playing with the Casdon FLYMO

She was tickled pink with the click you hear as the Casdon Flymo is pushed along on the grass, it’s truly believable to be a working lawnmower to her. Plus it doesn’t need any batteries so will never run out of power!

It’s lightweight so easy for a young child to push along. It’s small enough for indoor use as well. When we’ve had a rainy day, the living room floor has been “mowed” as well as the kitchen!

Role Play Casdon Flymo

The toy is a very realistic replica in design with the iconic orange Flymo colour and it’s a perfect Summer roleplaying toy for the garden.

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  1. This is very cute, my daughter follows dad round the house with the Vac, I imagine she would love these and could bother him in the garden too

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