6 Easter Activities For Dads

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Holidays like Easter are the perfect opportunity for dads to further the bond with their children. Regardless of whether you have an infant on a weaning schedule or a couple of toddlers who need something to keep them occupied and engaged, these activities will create Easter moments that your children can remember fondly for the rest of their lives.

DaddiLife - Easter Activities for Dads

1. Colouring Easter Eggs

Colouring Easter Eggs is probably one of the first activities that comes to mind when you think of Easter, and there’s a good reason for it! Not only is it a fun way for your kids to stimulate their creativity and help with brain development, but it’s cheap and easy too. 

Premade egg decorating kits are available for low prices in many stores and include stickers, egg stands, non-toxic dye tablets, egg dippers and drying trays — everything you need to create some beautiful eggs! Alternatively if you have the spare ingredients at home, why not embrace your own crafts with the kids to make your very own eggs! Just make sure to lay out some newspaper or a disposable tablecloth to avoid staining tables and countertops. 

2. Easter Egg Hunt

Another great Easter tradition that you can establish with your family is an annual Easter egg hunt. Dads can set small chocolate Easter eggs around the house the night before, and on Easter morning your kids will have a blast searching all throughout the house looking for chocolate treasure! 

Just make sure to keep track of where you place all the eggs, no one wants to find half-melted eggs that you forgot about on a warm August day later in the year!

To mix things up, you can also have an outdoor easter egg hunt by placing candy in sealed plastic egg-shaped containers, or using brightly painted rocks placed around your property and allow your kids to trade them in for candy once discovered.

3. Prepare For The Easter Bunny

Much like setting out milk and cookies for Santa Claus at Christmas, you can get your children into the tradition of setting out carrots for the Easter bunny. Turn it into a craft opportunity by helping your children create an Easter Basket for the Easter bunny to leave their treats in, and fill it with shredded paper or plastic Easter grass.

4. Cook Together

Even young children can help in the kitchen, as long as they have proper adult supervision from mum or dad at all times. Begin teaching them the skill of cooking early by letting them help with baking easter treats and other egg-shaped goodies. Or let them help make a special Easter brunch for mum and the whole family to enjoy. 

Measuring out ingredients like flour and sugar helps can help develop children’s spatial reasoning, and letting them stir, mix things and use a rolling-pin helps with their motor skills and gives them a bit of exercise to burn off the extra energy they’ll be getting from the treats they help make.

5. Arts and Crafts

Easter has plenty of opportunities for crafts and art creation for your little ones. Need some Easter-themed tuff tray ideas? Websites like Pinterest also have hundreds of great suggestions for messy play to give your infants and toddlers a great sensory experience. Any egg or rabbit shaped craft can be easily made into an Easter activity. Having your children create their own Easter cards for friends and relatives is a great way to brighten the lives of people who are important to them.

6. Have An Egg Race

Around Easter time is finally when kids have an opportunity to get outside, after being stuck indoors over a long cold winter. If the weather is nice, let your kids have fun in the yard or a nearby park by having an Easter egg race. 

For children who are a few years old with more coordination, having them balance an egg on a spoon and try to walk as quickly as they can across the garden is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination. Use hardboiled eggs or hollow plastic eggs to avoid any messy accidents, as dropped eggs are bound to happen!

For younger children, plastic eggs scattered around the yard can be a great alternative to an indoor egg hunt. Make it a competition against friends or siblings and see who can gather the most eggs in an allotted amount of time! Your local area may even hold a large-scale egg race in a public place, which is a great opportunity for your kids to go somewhere new and make some new friends.

Have A Great Easter

No matter what you’re doing together, Easter is a great time for dads to bond with their children and create lasting memories. Even if you can’t incorporate all of the activities above into your Easter plans, try out at least one or two, and watch the smiles and laughs they generate!


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