4 Great Ways to Entertain Guests This Christmas

Christmas is a time for family, and I’m sure you will be thinking of ways to entertain your guests this Christmas. For loved ones to get together and reconnect over food, drink, and festivities and be thankful for everything they have.

4 Great Ways to Entertain Guests This Christmas

If you have a large family with people living all over the country, you might have found yourself in the situation where you have to host Christmas. You’ll have a whole host of challenges to contend with, such as ensuring you’ve cooked enough food for everyone, catering to all dietary requirements, and making space for people to stay over comfortably. But one of the biggest challenges of hosting Christmas guests is keeping everyone entertained.

Having family over is always fun initially, but after a couple of days, it can feel like a chore to find ways to stop your out-of-town guests from getting bored. To help you be the perfect host, here are a few great ways to entertain your guests this Christmas.

Cook together

Even though you’re the host, don’t feel like you have to do all the cooking by yourself. Turning mealtime into an interactive event will help to keep your guests entertained while you’re busy in the kitchen, and will significantly lighten your load. Involving your guests in the cooking is a great way to stop people getting bored, and you can even get young children to help too. Baking cookies and making canapes are excellent ideas that anyone can help with. And if your relative protests that they can’t cook, just send them to the shop for ingredients so they can feel useful.

Plan some party games

You don’t want your guests to be sitting dead-eyed in front of the television each night, so think up some entertaining games that everyone can get involved with. Classic board games like Monopoly, Risk, and Cluedo are timeless favorites that will always go down a treat. Or you could make things a bit more unique and exciting with a murder mystery game to keep everyone guessing. Whatever games you choose, make sure they are inclusive and that guests of all ages can take part.

Arrange an outing

For many people, Christmas Day is usually spent gorging on huge quantities of food and drink, then collapsing onto the sofa for a snooze in front of the television. Try and counterbalance this inactivity by planning some outings for subsequent days. A brisk winter walk on Boxing Day is a great way to burn off those Christmas calories while giving your distant relatives a chance to see your local sights. 

Put out a puzzle

If you need to keep guests busy while you are hard at work preparing things for the big day, putting out a jigsaw puzzle is an excellent solution. With people coming and going, your guests can spend a few minutes on it whenever they please to fill those spare moments. And it’s just as effective for keeping young children busy as it is for elderly relatives. 

In summary, if you want to keep your guests entertained this Christmas, all it will take is a little forward planning and creativity. Follow these tips, and your guests will be so happy, you might find yourself hosting Christmas every single year!

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