The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #3

It’s been nearly a month since my last update. Now I’m at the 24 week stage.  Although I still haven’t seen my midwife, that’s not until the end of the month when I’m 28 weeks. I have been in to see a consultant. He went over the details of my last pregnancy with baby girl. It’s funny as I don’t remember some of the things he read from my notes about the previous pregnancy, I must have been out of it!

The Sunday Pregnancy Diaries #3 - planned c-section

Anyway he went through all the options because I had a previous emergency c-section and came to the conclusion that the less risky thing to do would be to have a planned c-section. To be honest it’s a huge relief off our shoulders. I had a terrible time at baby girl’s birth due to the failed induction, so the safest for baby and I is to have everything planned. 

It’s exciting as he phoned the delivery suite straight away and booked in my c-section for a date (I’m not going to share just yet!) in April. I know when my baby girl is going to be here!!

This past week I had to contact my midwives office to get my MATB 1 form. I’m lucky due to the fact that the company I work for provide full pay for the first 14 weeks of maternity leave. I have worked out all my outstanding holiday dates to add to the date I finish work and therefore start my maternity leave on March 15th.  It doesn’t seem that far away now!

I feel it’s important for me to spend some time with baby girl before the new baby arrives and by finishing at this date it gives us some time.


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  1. Oooo, exciting!! I know how you feel as I nearly had an emergency C-section due to a very long and nearly failed induction. NOT FUN and inductions are so painful!! April really isn’t all that far away!! Babies and spring go so well together! ^_^

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