Planning a Nursery for a New Arrival

I remember planning a nursery for baby girl, in our old house. Now baby number 2 is on the way and we are in a new house I’m going to start all over again. It’s a little too soon to find out what we are having, but it would be easier if it’s a girl due to all the girly stuff we have already.

Here is another one of my mood boards to give some ideas of what’s needed in a nursery.

planning a nursery

Nurseries can be many shapes and sizes. Our old nursery had a Velux window and a normal window, which made the room very odd-shaped. If we stayed living there we planned to have cupboards fitted on the lower side of the room to make use of the space. When I was breast-feeding baby girl I used to sit under the Velux window on our sofa chair looking up at the stars. It was perfect.

Nursery with a Velux Window

One thing I wish we had was the Disney VELUXblindsdirect blinds for children. It would have been great to use the blackout blind for naps and the lighter evenings.

Disney and VELUX Dream Blind

They do fantastic designs for children. These are my two favourite designs from the collection.

Disney Velux Blind Designs

Once you have the blinds and curtains sorted it’s time to look at the rest of the room.

  • Space – What space do you have? Measure the room so you have an idea of what size cot and other furniture you would like.
  • Budget – You don’t have to go for high-end matching furniture. Look around at second-hand shops, ask family and friends. We had a cot from family and sourced budget furniture for baby girl.
  • Longevity – The furniture we have in baby girl’s room will grow with her so works out much cheaper.
  • Bits and Bobs – Cot mobile, wall decorations (make sure they are fastened securely) throws, feeding chair, changing table.

Please remember that it’s recommended that babies under 6 months old sleep in your room.

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope you have found this post useful.

Do you have any tips for planning a nursery?

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