Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappy Review

Last Summer we got to try out the Little Angels nappies from Asda when baby girl was just 5 months old they were the size 3’s from the Supreme Protection range. This year we have been asked again to try out and let you know what we think of the new Comfort & Protect Little Angels nappies.

We are up to size 5’s now, so need a nappy that will withstand a walking and very active toddler who will not stay still when you are changing her nappy. We have been testing these nappies for two weeks, and they are different to our normal nappy which is another supermarket brand.

Read on and find out what we thought about the Comfort & Protect range.

Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies

Features and what we thought

  • Up to 12 hours dryness so protects the baby through the night.

Yes I can agree with this feature of the nappy.  We put baby girl to bed at 6:30pm and when she wakes up and it’s time to change her it’s around 7am. The heavy nappy felt dry to touch so I knew it had protected her skin.

  • Super Absorbent Gel Beads that can absorb up to 30x their own weight

In the mornings the nappy as been HUGE! Poor little might had it sagging around her bum, but guess what? It kept all the liquid locked in.

Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies Size 5

  • For active toddlers, provides on-the-go protection for your toddler

My baby girl runs and jumps around and climbs on to things, she is into everything, and the Comfort & Protect hasn’t let me down yet!

  • Secure flexi-fit elasticated back to prevent leaks

I have had a couple of poonami’s right up the back and the top of the nappy has kept everything in, which I was very pleased about.

Comfort & Protect Nappies from Asda

  • Super-Soft, Feather-like softness for baby’s delicate skin

They do feel soft but no softer than any other brand I have used. So I can’t fully agree with this.

Comfort & Protect Nappies from Asda

  • Leg Cuffs – super-soft and gently elasticated to help prevent leaks

The leg cuffs have saved me quite a few times from a complete change of clothes so excellent leak control on their part, but I did notice a few times the elastic cuffs have left red marks around the thighs of baby girl in the mornings.

I love the idea of the Size-Up colour guide on the waistband, it make it easier to know when you need a bigger size. Baby girl is around 32 pounds so the tabs fit perfectly in the middle of the coloured green area. When she will need a bigger size, the tabs will move into the white area.

Little Angels Comfort & Protect Nappies from Asda

The size 5’s that we tested the range from 24-55lbs so we will be in them for a while yet. I do think they are fabulous nappies and I would consider changing to them if I lived closer to an Asda supermarket. Great value for money at £3.50 for 40 or £5.00 for a 72 pack. (Prices correct as of April 2017)

I hope you found this review useful in your decision over what nappies to use.

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*We received Little Angels Comfort & Protect nappies to try out and review, all thoughts and opinions are my own as always.

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