The Range Of Change: Can We Pick Up Our Career Where We Left Off, Post Baby?

For every mother out there, there can be a lot of trepidation if you take time off to have children. For those parents on maternity leave, this can cause anxiety, but for those mothers that have actively stopped their life and left their career to focus on raising their children, but are now at the point where it’s time to step back into what they used to do, is this something that can be done?

Can We Pick Up Our Career Where We Left Off, Post Baby


What If The Industry Has Changed?

Depending on the organisation, mothers may have left being promised that there is a job for them when they come back. But a lot of the time, there can be so many changes, not just in the company, but the industry, that the landscape is completely unrecognisable to the mother going back. Not only does this make us feel alienated but it might spur us on to realise that this isn’t what we want anymore.

We won’t know until we go back into our career. But the big mistake we all make is that if we take a long period of time off we expect to slot back in. This is not going to happen. Every industry is progressing at such a rate, that we’ve got to get back, not just our working identity, but we may very well have to learn an abundance of new skills to show that we are indispensable in our roles.

Is It Time To Find A New Route?

For many parents going back into their old career, not only may they find it incredibly daunting, but the job roles specifies that they dedicate more time and effort than they are prepared to give. Having children makes you reassess your priorities, and it’s at this point where we have to give some consideration to the various careers out there that can help us live a better life, not financially, but in a more balanced sense so that we can look after our children and raise them the way we want to.

It’s hardly a surprise that many mothers start their own businesses from home, because it gives them that control over their life. For those people who work as freelancers, making that transition back into full-time work under an employer is a very difficult one, because, in many ways, they are giving up this sense of freedom. But to get to this point where you can set up your own money making machine at home, you have to do the legwork.

Luckily now, we can structure our own education around the needs of our children. For example, taking an online electrical engineering degree, or any specific niche subject means that we can learn so much about a specific industry that we can develop our own self-education, but also pick up many hints and tips along the way without having to go out into the world to get this physical experience. This is a great advantage when picking a new route.

Can we pick up where we left off? Sometimes we can, but we can be mistaken that it’s going to fit us as comfortably as it used to. Sometimes the job changes, sometimes we change, and sometimes it’s both. You can also think about changing how you work and maybe work remotely.

What time off to have children would you like to have?

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