Make Going Back To Work Tear-Free After Maternity Leave

You won’t believe how quickly the time goes after you have your newborn. It feels like you are pregnant forever, but when your baby arrives, the time can zoom by. After all, you are getting to know your newborn and trying to adjust to your new life. By the time you manage to get into some form of routine, it’s time to go back to work. If you ask any mum, they will tell you how difficult it can be when maternity leave is over. After all, you need the money, but you don’t want to leave your baby for long. But there are some ways you can make it as painless as possible.

Make Going Back To Work Tear-Free After Maternity Leave

Here is how you can make going back to work tear-free after having a baby!

Plan childcare in advance

The first thing you need to do is plan what is going to happen when you go back to work. After all, a lot of people get as far as deciding when they will go to work, but they don’t think about what will happen to their baby. Then they are left stuck when they have few options for places for your baby to stay. Therefore, you need to decide on some form of childcare well in advance. It’s also a good idea to have childcare in place so you can have a few minutes to yourself for visiting and exercise classes.

The first thing to consider is whether your hubby could look after the baby. After all, if you are going to be working different hours, your partner might be around to take care of your little one while you are at work. If you’re both at work the same time, you should consider speaking to both sets of parents.

Get your baby used to being away from you

As much as it will be difficult for you, it will also be challenging for your baby when you return to work. After all, they have been around you for mostly 24-hours a day. So when you disappear, it can be challenging for them. If you are currently breastfeeding, it can make it difficult to be away from your child.

First things first, you should consider incorporating some bottle feeding into your child’s day. Even if you go from breastfeeding to bottle-feeding a couple of times a day, it will get the baby into a habit of having the milk from the bottle instead. Then whether you express or use formula, it will be entirely up to you. The benefit of doing this means someone else can feed your child while you are away from home.

Take little comforts to work

A lot of mums find it hard to be away from their child when they return to work after maternity leave. They miss everything from cuddling their baby to seeing their smile. And it can make the day feel long and painful. But to help you settle back into work, you should take some little comforts to work with you. For example, some photos of your baby on the desk will make you smile. Or some of their best custom baby clothing. Or you might even want to make your own background for your computer with an image of your child.

Visit the office

It can be so nerve-wracking for you to consider going back to work after maternity leave. After all, it’s just been you and your baby for months. So the thought of going back to work and being surrounded by other people can be scary. You may feel like you won’t be good at work anymore as you have been away for so long. To make sure the transaction runs smoothly, you should go into the office or your work area for a few hours a week before going back to work. Spend the day getting your mind back focused on the job whether that is cleaning Express Hoods or sitting at a reception desk. Talking to your colleagues can help you get excited to return to work. It’s also worth chatting to your boss too.

Remember to just do a few days a week at your workplace for a start. A lot of mums make the mistake of heading straight back to work full-time. But then will find it a struggle to get back into work. Therefore, just do three days to start with then you can add more as your baby grows up. This is what I did for 2 months. It helped both of us transition into our new life.

How did you find settling back in at work after maternity leave?

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