Aveeno Daily Care Products Competition

I love to share products with you that I have tried. As a sufferer of dry skin, particularly in the cold Winter weather, I need skincare products that can help my skin and protect it from the elements. Aveeno daily care is perfect for dry, sensitive skin. The Aveeno products contain naturally active colloidal oatmeal and/or oat extracts providing soothing effect while improving the skins protective barrier.

Aveeno products

The Aveeno baby daily care range is perfect for babies sensitive skin. Just like the adult range it’s made with oats and are free from parabens, dyes and alcohol.

Aveeno baby products

The Daily Care Baby Wipes, with oat & aloe extract, gently cleanses delicate baby skin and is formulated to help prevent redness. When baby Dottie was a few months old she had a terrible nappy rash as her first teeth were coming through. These baby wipes helped to calm her skin and were so gentle.

Aveeno daily care baby wipes
Aveeno daily moisturing yogurt body wash

Giveaway – Aveeno Daily Care

You have the chance to win this set of four Aveeno daily care products:

  • Daily Care Baby Barrier Cream
  • Daily Care Baby Wipes
  • Daily Care Baby Hair and Body Wash
  • Daily Moisturising Yogurt Body Wash

To enter the giveaway please fill in the rafflecopter widget below.


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256 thoughts on “Aveeno Daily Care Products Competition

  1. I suffer with psoriasis so would love to try these especially the wipes I travel a few times a month and it would be great to be able to wipes my face to refresh it without upsetting my skin.

  2. great giveaway, would love to try this range now the weather is getting better so i can bear my skin to daylight!!!

  3. I’ve not tried this product as yet, but as I’ve got sensitive skin I’ll have to give it a go. My hubby would to give it a try too, although he doesn’t admit to using a moisturiser (too macho) LOL

  4. I love Aveeno. I got a pot of their moisturiser and it is one of the only things that works on my dry patches on my face without making it greasy or irritated. Lasts ages too!

  5. I love, love, love Aveeno. I suffer with really dry skin and use this every day. It’s amazing! My son and his partner are expecting their first child in July so it would be lovely to win some Aveeno for them to use on the little one

  6. My son has suffered from severe eczema since birth (he is 6 now), he was admitted to hospital when he was 5 weeks old with infected eczema. This would be handy as you can imagine I go through a lot of cream!

  7. I suffer from very dry hands and my kids have eczema. Aveeno is one of the only brands that helps relieve the dryness.

  8. I’ve just started using Aveeno products. Really like them. My skin is a wee bit sensitive and they are perfect for me.

  9. I love aveeno! I use it all the time on my little ones but also as a moisturiser for me too! Makes my skin feel so soft!

  10. I just love the smell of Aveeno and it’s the only thing that stops my skin being so dry. My daughter also loves it so this would be great for both of us. Thanks for running such a great giveaway!

  11. As im getting older i find lots of creams that i used to use now react on me so im always on the look out for more gentler creams. I would love to try these.

  12. I enjoy reading your blog; especially the beauty and food pages; you seem to have a similar taste to me with the odd pie thrown in 🙂

  13. Surely it makes sense to reduce cheicals in every facet of our lives – as well as helping the environment it has to be better for our skins.

  14. We’ve used Aveeno products on Leo before because he was struggling with a little irritation with other bubble baths. So far, so good!

  15. Dry skin is a family heritage, also my daughter’s skin is dryer than normal – I love to try new products which would help

  16. Ive heard great things about Aveeno but didn’t realised they had so many different products.I would love to give them a try,thankyou x

  17. I know my daughter in law would be absolutely delighted if i could win the Aveeno goodies for my 2 year old grandson.

  18. I absolutely love Aveeno on my little boy, he sometimes gets dry patches and they soon soften up after using the cream xx

  19. I have never tried Aveeno but it always looks quite a classy, natural brand. I have a friend whom can’t use most products due to allergies, but she is fine with Aveeno and is very complimentary about it.

  20. thank you for hosting the blog and fab reviews – i have used this brand before, but not all of the products you have listed x

  21. Would love to win these for my little boy who is due in 6 days time – I am sooooooo excited to finally meet him!

  22. I would love to win these for my two year old little boy, he has sensitive dry skin and we love Aveeno for bath time and for creaming him up after a bath! We’ve never tried the wipes before but they look amazing!

  23. What a lovely giveaway. Would love to Win for my little girl and I’m expecting Twins in July so this would be a massive help to all the things I need to get. Thank you for the chance

  24. I looooove aveeno! I use it on my eldest who has eczema, would love some baby stuff for my younger 2!

  25. I tecconrnd Aveeno products to all my mummy friends this has been perfect for my sons dry skin I love it x

  26. Aveeno is the only stuff I can use on my little man – he has really struggled with eczema since he was 3 months. What a lovely prize.

  27. I think this range would make a great present for a new mum and baby, a bit of matching pampering for them. I’d love to try the hand cream on my very dry paws.

  28. The skin on my hands tends to be quite dry, and I love trying new hand creams to see if they’re better than the ones I’ve tried!!

  29. I love Aveeno cream for someone who suffers with eczema and having sensitive skin this stuff is great! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  30. We live aveeno my littest one has dry skin (especially in the winter months) would be perfect for us!

  31. Thanks for running the blog, any and all parenting tips to cope with the madness helps! Thanks for the comps too always great prizes

  32. We are an aveeno family since we first tried it years ago in America and it’s wasn’t yet available here. Would love this prize

  33. I use these products myself. I wouldn’t be without my daily moisturiser for my itchy menopausal skin. I have a granddaughter now with sensitive skin and we’ve introduced the bath products into her routine.

  34. Would love to try Aveeno, see it on the shelves but normally out of my budget but have heard loads of good things about it

  35. I would love to try this. I’ve heard great reviews! My son suffers from dry skin on his cheeks and around his mouth, my daughter also. E45 just doesn’t seem to help 🙁

  36. Only ever heard good things about Aveeno but haven’t had the chance to try it, thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  37. I use aveeno products on both myself and my baby and my partner often uses them too. We’ll all be wanting to use this fab prize!

  38. I do love aveno, I first tried it when I was given a little sample in my new mum bounty bag, my daughter had a patch of dry skin on her face that would flare up now and again, as soon as I started using the little sample on it, it completely cleared up, I love the stuff for the kids and myself

  39. I had no idea they did wipes now, this is kind of exciting (I’m very easily pleased haha). Aveeno is my go to household kind to skin skincare.

  40. i was given aveeno though dermatology to help with my super dry skin through the hospital and have loved it ever since! id recommend it to anyone

  41. Aveeno is a great brand.Their Moisturizing Yogurt Body Wash Vanilla & Oats is really really good and eased my skin greatly.

  42. I use aveeno moisturiser and its the only one that really helps, I get very dry skin on my face and have tried load of different creams and finally found this, so would love to win your lovely giveaway xx

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