Thinking About Your Families Future

I have been back to work after maternity leave for 3 months now. I’ve had to refill in lots of forms to do with contact details, legal training and so forth. One form that was mentioned was my expression of a wish form. It’s where my life insurance would go if something happened to me in service. Now I filled one of those forms out when I first started with the company nearly 14 years ago and back then I put my mum’s details down. I’m married now with 2 children so I need to change it over to them.

Thinking About Your Families Future

Last year when I had my second daughter we had a will made up to help safeguard our daughters future. My parents grew up in a generation where the only insurances they had were house and car. In these recent times, you really need to think about your families future and help them to carry on financially. With it being such a struggle to get on the housing ladder, once you are on it you need every bit of protection you can to guard it against unforeseen circumstances.

To protect our family, my husband and I needed to know if something happened to one of us, the other would be cared for financially and wouldn’t have to worry about the mortgage. So we sought advice from an independent financial adviser and have insurances in place for a peace of mind.

If you are thinking about your families future and deciding whether life insurance is for you, check out this information on do I need life insurance?

The answer for me was a definite yes. We have a mortgage and like I mentioned earlier if the other passed away then the one left behind is liable for the rest of the mortgage. Both my husband and I would never be able to pay for it by ourselves. I am pretty sure that most mortgage companies will ask for evidence that the mortgage can be paid for if the other person suddenly dies. So by having life insurance you are covered.

There are many different insurances for families on the market, I’m not qualified to give any type of financial advice, but as you know me by now I love to give my honest opinions on things! If you are thinking about getting any type of life insurance please speak to a financial adviser.

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