Will My Baby’s Eyes Change Colour?

There has been a huge ongoing discussion in my house about our baby’s eye colour, since she was born 4 months ago.
Will her eyes stay blue? 
Or will they turn brown?

My eyes are a deep chocolate brown shade, but my husband’s are light blue like the sea. I have always thought brown eyes are a more dominant gene.This got me thinking, so I have decided to do some research into baby eye colours.

Will My Baby's Eyes Change Colour?

I asked my friend about her little boy’s eye colour when he was born as he has deep brown eyes now, and she said his was blue when he was born.OK still hope for my little girl to have my eye colouring. At six months old she said his eyes went brown after being grey for 3 months.

Really, I said to her, so they do change colour it’s not a myth then?

She must have thought I was a bit stupid.


As a first time mum unless you read up on stuff like this in books or on Google you really don’t have a clue.Where do you find the time to do that as a new mummy?

I’m sure most new mum’s like me are up to their ears in nappy changes, feeding, sterilising, clothes washing and the constant tidying up.


Whilst I came up with this idea for a post I thought I had better look up baby’s eye colours and see what exactly happens.Will my husband win the blue eye battle or me with brown eyes?

What are the odds?


I started reading lots of different articles about babies eye colours and they can also have neither of the parents eye colours but can inherit a grandparent’s colouring.Well this has put a cat amongst the pigeons so to speak as my dad’s eyes are a greeny colour!

So that has just thrown another angle into the “discussion”.


So I have discovered that something called melanin is responsible for the colour of the iris and the amount that is present, has something to do with the genes that the baby has.When the baby arrives into the outside world the melanin production in the eyes is kickstarted by the bright light. A small increase in melanin means the eye colour will stay blue. A larger increase produces darker colours like brown.

My findings are that the biggest changes in a babies eye colour happens between 6 and 9 months, so a little bit more waiting for us i’m afraid and our baby will have a 50:50 chance of having blue or brown eyes.
So will mum or dad win the battle of the eye colour?
 You will have to pop back in a few months time to find out!
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13 thoughts on “Will My Baby’s Eyes Change Colour?

  1. We did research on this as well because I have a family full of blue eyes and my husbands mostly have brown. I was hopeful for blue and that's what it ended up being so I have a bright red headed boy with beautiful blue eyes. Which I believe is supposed to be a unique combination. We will have to see what happens to your child's. #KCACOLS #TribalLove

  2. Both of my girls eyes stayed blue, i have blue eyes and my hubby has hazel. Both my brother and sister though have brown eyes from my mum, my dad has hazel eyes. I find babies fascinating in general! #KCACOLS

  3. ooh I'll be interested to see what happens – my bet is that they will stay blue! Me and the hubby both have slightly green eyes, but our daughter's are a clear blue. I think they will probably change slightly over the years but who knows!? #KCACOLS x

  4. I have either read or heard somewhere that your child's eyes can change in colour up until they are five years of age. So there is still bags of time if this is indeed correct. In our household all four of us have the same colour eyes and they changed with our mood or what we are wearing. Which you can also see in various pictures.xx #KCACOLS

  5. We are both brown haired and brown eyed yer Little B is blonde with blue eyes. We each have a blonde-haired blue-eyed sibling so my midwife told me there was a one in four chance we'd have a blonde-haired blue-eyed baby! #KCACOLS

  6. Both my children went from blue (like me) to brown (like NW) within 9 months. We had a little row. #KCACOLS

  7. My hubby didn't know that babies' eyes change colour either. Fortunately I mentioned it to him the day before Little M was born, otherwise he'd have thought she had inherited his blue eyes from the off! Like you, I have brown eyes and hubby has blue eyes, but my mum has blue eyes too so I know I have that recessive blue-eyed gene somewhere inside me! So I guess that means Little M has a 50:50 chance of having hubby's blue eyes or my brown ones. She's only three weeks old so we've got even more waiting to do than you have before we can find out! xx #KCACOLS #triballove

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