Office Culture and Workplace Wellbeing

I’m on Maternity Leave at the moment but would like to express my thoughts on Office Cultures, and Workplace Wellbeing and we all know that everyone has their own little quirky office routines! It’s nice to actually have the time to look back over at the workplace and think about that wonky chair that everyone avoided and the button on the coffee machine everyone knows not to press.

Somehow everyone forgets to tell the ‘newbie’!

Oh and not forgetting you must not sit in ‘Barry’s’ seat at all costs. Not if you don’t want to be given the worst tasks for the day and that look of annoyance that will make you cringe into the floor.

Office Culture and Workplace Wellbeing -

Who hates Mondays? 

I think we all get ‘that’ Monday feeling starting on a Sunday night.

The thought of having to get up and head off to work knowing it’s 5 whole days of this until the weekend.

I know I used to rather go to work any day but Monday’s. There is something about Mondays that gives you that feeling of dread and despair.

My husband and I call it ‘that dreaded Monday feeling’

Wouldn’t it be nice to turn up on a Monday morning with the feeling of happiness and excitement you get on a Friday? We all get that #FridayFeeling and by lunchtime, on Friday’s we can’t wait for the day to end.

Don’t we all want that feeling when you turn up to that lush comfy chair where you can start your morning jobs it’s like feeling at home? Especially if you do work at home! If you want that kind of fantastic chair, look over at Furniture@Work which I’m sure you would be able to find the one for your office. Whether it’s your home office or work station.

Great for your posture. Comfy and snug yet supportive. A great chair to work from contributes a lot to your health and wellbeing. But sometimes it’s inevitable to get some kind of back pain. Here some tips to relieving back pain to help.
Office culture and workplace wellbeing
We all want great working conditions. It makes us all happier in our workplace. A huge percentage of us have to work so we need to be happy while we are there. You have to admit we spend a lot of our lifetime in the workplace.
I’m sure someone said somewhere that a happy workplace means greater productivity from your staff.
It’s just common sense really isn’t it?
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