Moms on the Move: Ways for Stay At Home Moms to Destress After a Long Day

To many who aren’t familiar with what stay at home moms do, the role can seem like a cushy gig. It can seem as if your time is your own, and you can choose to rest whenever you want; you make up your own schedule, after all.

In reality, stay at home moms don’t make up their schedules, at all; it’s the children who make them. Living to the hectic needs of children can be more than exhausting; it can be stressful, as well, with few avenues for stress release.

If this is you and you need tips to help calm a mind that’s been on edge for years, here they are.

Ways for stay at home moms to destress

Try out the new therapeutic coloring trend

If you loved to paint, embroider or make pottery, your friends would probably tell you that you were lucky to have something that soothed your mind and let you make something beautiful. What if you were never involved in an artistic pursuit, however? It would hardly be fair to be denied the therapeutic benefits.

This idea has been hiding behind an impressive trend in therapeutic art in recent times — coloring books for adults. You get to color into intricate drawings and make something beautiful. It can be a tremendously absorbing activity with real therapeutic benefits (learn more).

Don’t lose touch

Work and responsibilities do have an ability to make people feel overwhelmed. While pressure, lack of opportunity for rest and living to the schedule of another all contribute to the stress felt, loss of touch with your own life can be one of the most significant sources. If you’ve always lived your life as the pillar your kids lean on, and you haven’t been able to take a few hours off each week to be with your friends, it’s time to take back some control. Staying connected is important for both mental health and for stress control. The less stress you carry, the better the mother you will be.

Get everyone to pitch in

Plenty of mothers start their children off very young sharing in chores around the house. It isn’t a bad idea, at all. Everyone does need to learn to take care of themselves, and the earlier they start, the better. From making the beds to cleaning the bathtub or helping in the kitchen, there’s a lot that children can do, and learn very well. When they grow up, someone is bound to tell you that you did a great job raising them, because they seem so good at taking care of themselves and everyone around them. This is actually a great parenting tool, not just something saves your sanity.

Don’t lose out on sleep

Whether you have an infant keeping you up at night or your responsibilities during the day, losing sleep isn’t good for you. Whatever it takes, even if there are a few of your kids’ activities that you have to cut down on, you need to understand that your sleep is non-negotiable. You need to take time out. It’ll work out better for everyone.

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