Slogging Away as a Working Mum

It’s been 8 months since I first went back to work after having baby girl. Don’t ask me where that time has gone. It’s flown by! Now I slog it out as a working mum 5 days a week. Our daily routine when I’m at work during the week starts very early 4:45am in fact, but on my days off we treasure a little lie in… well until 7am anyway!

On our days off we love to go down to our local park and play on the swings and have a run about. It’s gorgeous in the Summer with lots of different play areas plus picnic and walking areas.

Slogging away as a working mum

Some day’s I find myself torn between wanting to go to work and also wanting to stay at home with my gorgeous toddler. She is so full of beans, learning a new word most days, developing in her own little way. At the moment I’m trying to teach her the word NO, everytime I say it she just laughs at me and tries to carry on with what she’s not supposed to be doing. I want to teach her right from wrong but her little smile just melts me inside.

Baby girl at the park

When I drop her off at mums to head into work, it’s very hard. It hasn’t gotten any easier 8 months down the line, in fact I’d say it’s harder beacause she kind of knows whats going on. Plus she can say the word WORK!

I have been in the same job for nearly 10 years now. Working in Fresh Foods, I have learnt lots over the years. I do have to wear a uniform including name badges and safety boots. When I have these on, baby girl knows I’m heading to work. Working with food, has meant I have learnt so many useful skills like fish filleting, butchery skills and extensive cheese knowledge. This I can apply this to what we eat at home, ensuring we eat the best we can.

Also working with a team of people ensures I have some adult conversations and not just the toddler talk. I’m proud to admit I’m a working mum, slogging my heart out to give my family the best we can afford. This means that my baby girl will see that if you want the best in life you have to work for it. You don’t get something for nothing.

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