7 Great Ideas for Children’s Parties

Every mother wants to be able to throw the best party for their child. Year after year, parents try to create the biggest and the best parties, spending too much money and feeling far too stressed. Have you ever thought that it could be more about the special little touches that bring magic and fun to the day?

You don’t have to go OTT and try and throw a lavish party for your children to have a good time. After all, is a 5-year-old really going to know whether your table cloths were brought from Asda or John Lewis? Cut down on expensive venues, tableware and food and spend the money of memorable touches instead that really will help to ensure your little one has the best day ever.

Childrens party

  • Treasure hunt


All children love a treasure hunt, the excitement from wanting to find the treasure is magical. You can set all of the little ones up at the party on their very own by creating your own mini maps for them to follow. Adjust the difficulty to the age of those attending and create clues for them to follow.

Make the treasure something they can all share out like a big box of sweeties. This way they can all win and there are no tears. It’s a great way to keep them entertained and enjoying themselves. Plan an interesting route with fun clues along the way. Although the big box of sweets at the end is a fun find, the real treasure will be in the hunt process.


  • Carnival roulette wheel


Make your own carnival roulette wheel to feature at your child’s party. It would fit in perfectly with a fun fair themed bash. You can put anything on the wheel from prizes, to funny things to do. Then at the party, the children take it in turns to spin the wheel and do/get whatever they land on.

For even more of a giggle, the grownups can join in too. This is best for children around school age that are used to some sort of structure, feature it at a party with children too young and it could end up being a chaotic mess! It’s a great way to occupy them while the food cooks or to calm them down a little before they go home to make the transition between party and home a little easier for the parents!

Childrens party

  • Fun photo booths


We’ve all heard of fun dress up photo booths at weddings, but have you ever considered it for your child’s party? They will have great fun being able to dress up in funny clothes and wigs with hilarious accessories and posing for pictures in a photo booth. It’s a great way to create life long lasting photos for your children to cherish, even when they are older.

It’s also a great idea for sending out the ‘thank you for coming to my party cards’; they can feature the picture of the child you are sending it too in the photo booth! A fantastic little touch that is bound to make your party one children thoroughly enjoy and remember. Photo booth hire in Scotland has all the best equipment you need to feature at your party.


  • Arts and crafts


Why not set up the children to make something special at the birthday party? You can provide them with the materials they need to make glittery party hats or friendship bracelets. It’s a great thing for them to take away and remember the party by and it’s a great way to keep them occupied.


Whatever you decide to do for your child’s birthday party- try to remember, it’s not about competing with other parents of throwing lots of money at venues and decorations. It’s about your children and the other children that attend having a fun time. Kids appreciate the little things and those are the things you should try and concentrate on.


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