How to Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

I have been a mum of two for 8 weeks now. Baby girl has always been a good sleeper and now at 28 months old she will easily sleep 12 hours a night. I forgot what it was like to have broken sleep when baby dottie came along. Now I’m surviving on a couple of hours here and there. My mum did say the other day I was looking very tired around the eyes and I know that I’m feeling it as my skin is looking dull and flaky.

Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two

When I had baby girl it was Winter and those long nights without sleep to used drag and drag in those first few weeks until she established a good sleep routine. Now being the Summer this time around there is not many hours of darkness and it does make you feel better when the sun comes up. Plus being up hearing the birds outside is wonderful.

So to get me through the night-time I have come up with a few tips on how to survive on little sleep as a new mum of two.

  1. Make time for “me time” – At the weekend I had about 20 minutes to myself to pop out into the garden to plant a couple of tubs. This time was extremely refreshing for my body and mind. I felt so much better after being outside in the sun on my own for a few minutes.  How to Survive on Little Sleep as a Mum of Two
  2. Accept help when it’s offered – This has been a hard one for me. I’m a very independent person and always like to do things myself. As the weeks have gone on, I’m learning to accept help from my MIL if I really need to. At weekends it’s great when my husband is at home, so we share everything and I get the chance to have a really long shower.
  3. Make use of naptime – My toddler dropped her daytime nap when she was just over one, but when the baby is napping I can catch up some little jobs and use that time to play with baby girl. Unfortunately it’s impossible to take a nap myself with a two-year old around! I used to do that on maternity leave the first time around. I wish I could press the snooze button on an alarm! Happy Beds tell us that in a survey of almost 3,000 people, it was revealed that almost three-quarters (74%) of Brits use an alarm to help them get up in the morning and 57% of these people press the snooze button every day – I’d imagine the rest are parents! We don’t know what alarm clocks are. The kids are those!
  4. Stop thinking negatively – If you keep thinking the baby is not sleeping through the night it can make it worse. All babies wake up by night. In fact if you are breastfeeding the night-time feeds are the best. Rich creamy milk is made by night. Stop wishing your baby would sleep for longer and take each night as it comes. Every baby is different and will find their own schedule rather than putting extra pressure on yourself to get into a strict routine.
  5. Coffee, Cake and Fresh air – Personally I’m not a lover of coffee unless it’s in sweets, but you can survive on little sleep by indulging in these three things. Coffee, cake and fresh air. Take walks in the afternoon to help you prepare for the evening wind down process and bedtime. Fresh air is a mood booster as well as helping you keep fit from all the extra cake!

coffee and cake

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Do you have any tips that I could add for how to survive on little sleep as a mum of two?

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