Hot – Word of the Week 04/06/2016

The one word that sums up my week for Word of the Week is Hot.
It’s very humid and hot by night and so my husband finds it hard to sleep. He’s what I call a hot bod and has a high normal body temperature so is always hot even in Winter. I’m the total opposite to him and feel the cold pretty easily. But this week does seem to be really hot overnight.
I have one of those Gro Eggs in our bedroom as baby girl sleeps in the same room as us by night. So it’s really good to keep an eye on the temperature for her and so we know what to dress her in over night. I wrote a post on Night-Time when baby girl was just a few weeks old. But that was when the weather was a lot cooler.

gro egg
When we came to bed last night the temperature was reading 23.9 degrees, but as I’m writing this its dropped to 22.8 degrees at 5:30 in the morning. The Gro-Egg  is on the orange colour at the moment which tells us that it’s warm. When it hits 24 degrees like it did at the beginning of the week it glows red and has an unhappy face on it. Basically telling you that it’s too hot for baby and to dress her accordingly. The other colours are blue for too cold and yellow which is perfect. You then see a happy face on the display.
Being a new mum like me the gro egg is a godsend for getting the bedtime clothes right for my baby. It’s one of the most useful things we bought before baby girl arrived. I highly recommend it for parents.
The Gro Egg is made by the same company that sells the gro bags for babies to sleep in over night. A fantastic invention! Gro bags are perfect for little kickers like my baby who won’t keep blankets on her. We have the two pack of the Grobag Wash and Wear Spotty Bear  ones. They come in different tog ratings depending on the time of year. They give me a piece of mind by night knowing baby girl isn’t going to get cold by kicking off the blankets or going to get stuck underneath them as she moves around.
It’s quite funny as I planned on telling you about my word of the week being hot and discussing the weather here in Cornwall over half term, but somehow I’ve ended up discussing bedtime habits for baby girl. When you become a mum everything ends up revolving around your baby in those first few precious months and it’s all that I have on my mind. So when I start writing like I’m doing now baby related stuff just flows out!
Anyway so back to the word hot – this week the weather has been amazing here in Cornwall. The sun has been shining  most of the week. The temperature has been warm to hot. Kids have been playing up and down the street and the kids that live around the corner from us set up a little lemonade stand. It’s just been a really glorious hot week.
What has the weather been like where you live? 

Have you been out and enjoyed half term? 

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