Brushing a Toddler’s Teeth – The Big Family Brush Up

It’s been such a long time since I did an update on baby girl, in fact her last one was at her 11 month Health Visitor checkup.

She has grown and developed loads in the past 5 months, the most noticeable thing is her pearly white smile with those gleaming white teeth.

Ever since baby girl’s first teeth popped through, I have been religiously teaching her that she must brush her teeth everyday. It’s a big part of our routine now. She has two little bottom front teeth and then her two big front teeth and not forgetting those two top front pointy teeth, so six milk teeth altogether.

I love how white and perfect they are, and I want to keep them that way!

Baby girl has her special first soft toothbrush and first toothpaste kept together in her little pot on the bathroom sink. She loves to brush her teeth.

I ask her around 6:30pm,

“Are you going to bed now?”

“Yes” she replies.

“Shall we go and brush your teeth?”

“Pleeeasee” she replies and then off she toddles to the bathroom.

Brushing teeth

I hold her up to the bathroom mirror and we brush her teeth together. She is so good at opening her mouth for me to brush her teeth at only 17 months old. I always pretend to brush my teeth with her so she will learn to understand that it’s what we all do. She is into copying everything I do at the moment!

Like any other toddler, I’m sure, she will try and eat the brush and suck the minuscule amount of toothpaste from the brush! I try to make it a fun game for her and not turn it into a chore.

She is now wanting to hold her brush herself and she does try to brush her teeth, it’s so cute!

And whenever I need extra dental care advice to ensure that I am doing all the right things so that her teeth grow healthily, I will source for online dental sites that provide all the necessary information. I also find it extra helpful to have a list of reliable dentist on hand in case of emergencies. For instance, I would usually contact Dentistry 4 Children And Adults 2 in Pearland for urgent dental care as they come highly recommended and provide top notch services. After all, every mother wants the best for her child and preparing all these beforehand will do a ton of good.

The Big Brush up - Learning to brush a toddler's teeth

The Big Family Brush Up

Denplan are running The Big Family Brush Up campaign from 19th – 31st July challenging families to focus on their brushing habits for a four-week period. This is to ensure their children are thoroughly brushing their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day. To help you with this there is a free downloadable brushing chart along with a handy Little Book of Healthy Smiles full of tips and advice available from their website.

Do you have any tips for brushing a toddler’s teeth? As always I love to read your thoughts.

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