Outdoor Pursuits: Child-Friendly Activities For Autumn

Did you know that British children are among the most inactive in the world? We all have days when we want to cosy up in front of the TV and have a duvet day with the kids, especially in the autumn and winter months, where you could also be planning for the festive season, but being active is so important. It can be really tough to prise children away from tablets and games consoles, but there are ways of making being in the great outdoors fun.


Here are some great child-friendly activities for Autumn.


Nature walks

This is one of the best times of the year to take your kids into the forests and valleys and discover the wonders of nature. In autumn, when the leaves change colour and start to tumble to the floor, the countryside looks beautiful, and there’s plenty for the kids to look out for and collect. Take some jars to store different coloured leaves, acorns, and conkers, and print out some quizzes or activity sheets from the Internet. Grab your wellies, wrap up warm, and take a bag full of drinks and snacks. Once you’ve got a collection of leaves, you can use them to make collages or leaf paintings when you get home.

Child-Friendly Activities For Autumn

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Bike rides

If you’ve got a clear, crisp day, a bike ride is a fantastic way to spend time together, burn off some energy and enjoy the views. If you’ve got young kids, you could use a trailer or a child seat. Stick to flat, even ground if your children have only just learned to ride their bikes. Parks are an excellent choice. If you have older children who are more adventurous and experienced, you can tackle trickier terrain. It’s always a good idea to wear plenty of layers and to take a waterproof jacket with you, as well as some water and snacks.

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Garden fun

Most of us love spending time out in the garden with the kids. Sadly, as the nights draw in and temperatures fall, you may feel like you’ve got to abandon days in the garden until next summer. There may be times when it’s impossible to get out and get some fresh air, but you can make your garden more versatile by adding outdoor lighting and heaters. If you can still see clearly late in the afternoons and you’re warm enough, there’s no reason why you can’t kick a ball around or shoot some hoops after school or play games like hide and seek. It’s worth checking out some online reviews of the best patio heaters and looking at different lighting options. You could opt for up-lighters hidden in the flower beds or go for a rustic vibe with strings of fairy lights or bulbs. Wall-mounted heaters are ideal if you have children, as there’s no risk of energetic kids bundling into a freestanding unit. Once your garden is set up for the autumn, there are loads of activities you can try from painting and den making to setting up your own version of the teddy bear’s picnic.


Park life

Parks are popular places at any time of year, and as long as it’s not pouring down with rain, you can still have loads of fun even when the sun hasn’t got its hat on. Layer up, pack some games and toys and spend a couple of hours walking around, playing cricket or frisbee, tackling the obstacles on the adventure playground or feeding the ducks.



Camping may seem like an ambitious choice for autumn, but there’s nothing like being surrounded by colourful tree canopies and snuggling up around a roaring fire. There’s something magical about the autumn, and what better way to spend time as a family than spending a weekend hiking, biking and cosying up with a mug of hot chocolate after a busy day? If you are going camping and you’re not geared up for a survival experience in the elements, you could opt for a static caravan or choose a site that has amenities like shops, new shower blocks and entertainment for the kids.

Autumn is approaching at lightning speed, but that doesn’t mean that we have to retreat indoors until spring. There are loads of activities you can try with the kids to encourage them to spend time in the outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Try and be active as a family, spend more time in the garden and plan fun days out. As long as you’re wrapped up warm, you can still have a great with the kids, even when the sun isn’t shining.


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