3 Ideas For Peeling Your Children Away From The TV

Most parents would agree their children spend too much time sat in front of the TV these days. Some kids even position themselves far too close to the screen when using their PlayStations and Xboxes. With that in mind, all moms and dads reading this post should attempt to do everything possible to peel their children away from the television sets. In most instances, adults just need to inspire the little ones or give them an exciting reason to spend time outside. There are some suggestions in this article that should assist in pointing people in the right direction.

3 Ideas For Peeling Your Children Away From The TV


Turn the garden into a fun area

There are lots of ways in which parents can make their gardens more exciting than they are at the moment. For instance, some folks might decide to build a wendy house or something similar. It’s vital for children to stay as active as possible, and so perhaps an investment in a couple of trampolines would work well? The possibilities are endless and only limited by the adult’s imagination. Some other ideas include:

  • Getting a blow-up swimming pool
  • Building an assault course
  • Growing vegetables and getting the kids involved


Arrange scenic walks in the countryside

While most children don’t enjoy exercising, parents could benefit from taking them for long walks in the countryside. The child will get some much-needed fresh air into their lungs, and the experience will stimulate their brains. It’s just a case of identifying the best locations and buying some decent walking equipment. There are many official walking routes around the UK, and so people can travel to almost any areas they might enjoy. Some of the best locations are:

  • The Peak District
  • The Lake District
  • The Welsh Valleys



Go camping

All young people love camping because it’s often an exciting experience. The issue is that wild camping is illegal in most parts of the UK. For that reason, parents will have to search invest in the right products and then online for official camp sites in the most stunning and intriguing locations. It’s always fun to teach a child how to make a fire and some basic bushcraft skills. With a bit of luck, that idea will get the young person interested in spending time in the great outdoors. That could then become something they continue for the rest of their lives. Just be sure to research the subject and pack all the essentials.


People who use one or more of the suggestions from this page should have no trouble peeling their children away from the television. When all’s said and done, technology is an amazing thing, and it has enriched our lives. However, it’s still important to give the little ones a break and show them the beauty in the real world. As adults, most people spend the bulk of their day staring at a computer screen in an office. Let’s not forget that kids deserve a childhood, and so parents should protect them from that reality for as long as possible.

Do you have any ideas of things to do instead of watching TV?

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