8 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Failing

Failure is a part of life. There isn’t a human alive who hasn’t failed at one time or another. For children, failing at something can be difficult to swallow. Children aren’t often equipped to handle disappointment well and it’s not an easy lesson to teach for parents either. Here are few ways you can help your children with failure.

8 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Failing 100%

Don’t Expect Trophies

It’s important to teach children to not expect trophies for everything. Many schools hand out awards to all the children that take part in sports events and other competitions. However, there will be many times when only the winners are rewarded for their hard work. If your child doesn’t place in a competition, they may be disappointed but it’s a great life lesson to learn. Not everyone wins and if your child grows up thinking he can always be a winner, he won’t be well equipped for life.

No-one Can Be Good at Everything

Each child will have different talents and areas they excel in. For example, one child may find studying English or other languages easy but have difficulty when it comes to mathematics. If that’s the case, you can get some help from Cazoom Maths. There are some things we’re just not good at and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean you have to give up, you may just need a little extra help for child. It’s important for children to know that not having certain talents doesn’t mean they’re failing.

Be a Good Loser

The last thing you want to see in your child is a sore loser. Your child knowing it’s okay to fail sometimes will go a long way towards him losing with dignity and winning with humility. Being a sore loser could affect your child in later life. Employers don’t like to hire people who can’t handle disappointment well. Throwing your toys out of the pram after every loss will indicate the type of character your child is.

Let Them Make Mistakes

Mistakes are our teachers. Without making our own mistakes, we never learn. Failure is sometimes the result of our own foolish choices, and children need to learn that lesson. However, making a mistake is nothing to fear. Mistakes often lead to becoming much wiser and making the best choices in the future. It’s sometimes difficult to allow children to make their own mistakes when you know better, but it’s often the quickest way to help them learn.


Sometimes, all the praise you need comes from yourself. If you know you went in and did the best you could do but still failed anyway, you can still walk away with your head held high. Teach your child to give himself a pat on the back for good effort if he tried his hardest. Having the confidence to say I did all I could do and forget about it, is one of the best lessons a person can learn. It applies to so much, including studying, relationships, jobs and much more.


When toddlers fall on the floor a thousand times a day, they never think ‘perhaps I’m not cut out for this’- they persevere. Young children don’t need to be told to keep on trying, but as we get older we become more cautious and more aware of failure. Encouraging your children to be determined in whatever they do will help them to achieve they’re goals. When they fail at something, remind them that nothing worth doing is easy and nudge them to get back up and try again. Perseverance always leads to good results.

Determination - 8 Things Your Kids Need to Know About Failing

Have a Game Plan

There are times when failure is down to poor planning and preparation. When you take an exam, you’re likely to fail if you haven’t spent time studying. When you want to win at something, you need to be prepared to win it. The same applies for your child. If your daughter is selling girl scout cookies and she has a target in mind, how do you plan on reaching it? Which houses are more likely to buy multiple boxes? Putting a plan in place gets you one step closer to victory.

Have a Sense of Humour

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns- some of them unfair. Having a sense of humour will get your child through a lot. You can be a good example by showing your child that there’s a funny side to failure. Burnt the dinner? Laugh about it. Turned the white shirts to pink? Laugh about it.

Soon enough your child will be able to handle failure and gracefully accept triumph.

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