New Mum Stories: me and b make tea

Hello, and welcome back to the next installment of New Mum Stories. This week’s story is from Emma at me and b make tea.

Emma’s story has made me laugh, but I can understand how you felt at the time and it’s not a laughing matter when you are a new mum! I agree – now I don’t give too hoots what people think!

me and b make tea

 Over to you Emma

No one can prepare you for parenthood. I know it is a complete cliché and to be honest I was sick of people telling me this when I was pregnant. But it is true! It really is haha. Becoming a mum was the single biggest shock to my system. Gone was my independence, gone was a good night’s sleep and gone were those lazy pub lunches on a Sunday afternoon. Well, they aren’t gone gone, they are just different. And not always different in a good way different if you know what I mean. Here I share one of my most memorable new mum moments – it makes me laugh when I look back on that day 🙂

New Mum Stories - Me and B Make Tea

After I had little b, we wanted to try and carry on with “normal” things. You know, like pop to the pub for lunch, that kind of thing. So off we trotted to one of our fave pubs overlooking the Severn estuary. It was a beautiful sunny June day and b was two weeks old or so. His first trip of many to the pub for a pint and a ploughman’s. The pint being the hubby’s of course 😉 Although I did have a wine – I remember because it was one of my first glasses after nearly a year of not drinking!

We settled down on a table outside and I was really conscious of other people – would they scowl at us for bringing a baby to the pub? (I used to be that person who rolled her eyes and said “bloody kids” pre baby). Could we even bring a baby to the pub? (I used to think it inappropriate). I was also super conscious of the pram. Was it too big? (I thought all prams were huge before I had a bubba) and would it get in the way (yep, they always did! Why did they have to be soooo big?!). We specifically picked a table away from people, petrified that our baby might make a noise and put diners off their lunch in the sun. I just didn’t want to cause a fuss and annoy people – people like me before I had a child haha!

It’s coming out the SIDES

So we settle down, drinks purchased, lunch ordered, enjoying the view. Little b is lying in the pram, covered with a light muslin in the shade of the umbrella. It’s super hot and we haven’t dressed him in much, just a short sleeve baby vest. I decide to pick him up and give him a cuddle. It was obvious straight away that he’d filled his nappy. Urgh, my heart filled with dread because this meant I’d actually have to change him, out of the house, in a public place, using the change bag – and ON MY OWN.

We couldn’t leave the table together as lunch had just arrived. Yummy, that ploughman’s and crisp glass of pinot looked bloody lovely. “Mr D!” I whisper loudly. “B’s pooed his nappy, I can smell it” I say, with panic in my voice. “Oh right…erm”. “I’ll go find the changing rooms” I say and stand up, cradling the little man in my arms. And it was at that moment I realised my worst fears were coming true. “It’s coming out the SIDES” I whispered even more frantically to Mr D. And it was! Runny, korma, baby pooplosion all over my lovely flowery summer dress and arms. OMFG… And that was that.

From that day onwards I stopped worrying about what people might think or say because I dared step into a pub or restaurant with my bubba. After that mishap, I felt confident that I could take on the world as a new mum haha. I cleaned him up, I cleaned me up, I changed his clothes. And it was all just fine and one thing to add to the list of parenting calamities to laugh at 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I was NOT laughing at the time!!

Thanks Emma for your lovely New Mum Story.

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13 thoughts on “New Mum Stories: me and b make tea

  1. I think we’ve all been there, at least I know I have! We’ve had many poosplosions including being covered in it, to it flying across the lounge! That wasn’t good! x

  2. This is hilarious, I think we’ve all been there! I know I’ve had a few poosplosions that have required baby simply be stripped and bathed, there was no other option, I’m so glad they were at home! #fortheloveofBLOG

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