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Hello and welcome back to New Mum Stories. This week we have Kris from Max and Kai The Blog sharing with us her experience at Max’s first photo shoot…


Over to you Kris…

I had always wanted to have a newborn photo shoot when we finally had a baby.i had seen so many gorgeous pics of squidgy newborns in flowerpots,I was really excited to get some of the new baby. So when Max finally arrived I made it my mission to find an affordable local photographer.

We decided on a lovely local photographer and at 5 weeks we booked Max in. The day finally arrived and off we set ,Max in his baby finery armed with props and me and Danny didn’t look too shabby either.

While the photographer was setting up I decided to change Max’s bum. I’d been a new mum for all of 5 weeks and was feeling extremely brave. So I changed his bum on the studio sofa (a lovely grey fabric sofa).

Id literally just undone his nappy when his bum exploded like a volcanic eruption all over my lovely dress ,all over his legs and most importantly all over the photographers sofa. It just wouldn’t stop I’m sure I went thru a pack of wipes I was absolutely mortified.

I had to send the hubby home to get a spare change of clothes for me and the baby ,while I sat there covered in poop. Luckily the photographer saw the funny side and we got some great shots.

 Max and Kai the blog - photo shoot

Thanks Kris, I’m sorry but the first time I read this I couldn’t help but laugh! What an experience for your first photo shoot.

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Thank you for sharing

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