Same Day Money Making Ideas

Some people just can’t sit still. Try as they might to laze away a Sunday afternoon in the garden, sipping on diet lemonade while topping up the ole vitamin D reserves, restlessness soon sets in. Usually, it starts with checking social media. Next maybe a news app or looking something up on Google. Then the group chat needs attention. Before you know it, what was a relaxing spell of personal time has become a full-blown effort to be entertained and stay connected with friends. However, some people are worriers, and easily swap entertainment for worrying about their problems – usually money issues (if this rings true for you, see this site for help). If you’re the kind of person who regularly finds yourself with a whole afternoon of minutes to burn, with nothing to do with them except tie your thoughts in knots over finances, there are things that you can do. Let’s look at a few same day money making ideas.

Money Making Ideas - How To Save Money Without Making Any Sacrifices

Sell unwanted items on social media

For those who have never engaged with social media marketplaces, they are fast, they are useful, they are easy to use, and they are scarily addictive. Within moments of placing that old laptop online with a note to say “bought new 5 years ago, one owner, still in OK condition, great for the kids’ homework etc.” or something similar, you will be inundated with people trying to outbid each other. You don’t even need to offer something as luxurious as a laptop or a TV or a phone. You can sell books. You can sell clothes. You can sell the old hamster cage and the dumbbells and the unused garden hose from the garage. People literally turn up at your home, take away your unwanted stuff, and give you cold hard cash for the privilege. Before you know it, you’ll be listing old keyboards and teddy bears and hair dryers. Just make sure you leave yourself some seats to sit on.

We do not condone gambling, unless…

Gambling is not even close to a reliable method of raising money. They say if you want to end up with a little money in gambling, start with a lot of money (geddit?). However, there is this thing called matched betting. Don’t worry, it’s not some shady scheme, it simply involves placing the welcome-offer free bet offered from one online bookmaker against the welcome-offer free bet offered by a competitor. See. You don’t risk any of your own money. Let’s say you place a bet on a sports team to win using the welcome-offer free bet. Now go to another online bookmaker, sign up, and use the welcome offer free bet to back the opposing team. You’d be surprised how many offers there are out there.

Be brave and return things

We all make impulse buys. Usually clothes. Sometimes unnecessary kitchen appliances.  Or sometimes cars on finance with steep repayments that we really can’t afford. The trick here is to admit defeat and return the goods. Although this technically isn’t a money-making tip, it’s a sure-fire way to get money back quickly if the need should ever arise.

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  1. We have decided to buy some hens and when they start producing then we will be selling them to friends and neighbours.
    Also been having a good clear out whilst on lockdown, and once restrictions are lifted then will start selling on social media.

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