Getting A Handle On Your Personal Finances Once And For All

Getting a handle on your personal finances might seem impossible if it’s something you’ve struggled with in the past. However, it’s entirely possible if you commit to changing just a few of your habits and setting goals that resonate with you. Read on to find out how you can get a handle on your personal finances once and for all!

Getting A Handle On Your Personal Finances Once And For All

1. Figure Out What Your Goals Are

The first step is to know what your goals are. If you don’t have goals, then what’s your incentive to actually take control of your finances? For example, do you want a set amount saved for retirement, or to own your own house? 

2. Create A Budget 

Creating a budget is the next step. Look at your incomings and outgoings, and know how much you have going out for bills each month, setting that aside. Then, make sure you know how much you’re comfortable spending on things like food, entertainment, and so on. Don’t ignore your numbers! 

3. Find Places You Can Cut Back Immediately

Maybe you can cut back on your phone bill and downgrade, or change energy suppliers. Keep an eye on this so you’re never wasting money! 

4. Pay Off Your Debts

It doesn’t make sense to save whilst you have debts. Speak to a financial advisor if you need to. You could even consolidate your debts. 

5. Start Saving

Once your debts are paid off, you can save. Having money saved can help with emergencies, retirement, and even vacations. 

6. Track Everything 

Keep track of everything so you always know what’s going on with your finances. Excel sheets can be a huge help. Check the infographic for advice! 

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  1. I am really trying to get on top of my finances and save money! This is fantastic! Thanks for the advice, I do have a spreadsheet but there are some great tips to improve my tracking

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