How To Indulge In Your Perfect Wedding Day

It’s hard to know what exactly you should splash out on for your wedding day. We all have different priorities – so here are five things you could choose to indulge in for your big day…

Your Food


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If you’re a foodie, then no question this is what you’ll probably be focusing on. Maybe you want a sit down three course meal, or you’d rather have a hot buffet and canapes, or you’re going to go a little wild and hire food trucks for the day. No matter what you choose, your guests will really appreciate a great meal at your wedding and it will be one of the things that your big day is remembered for. Make sure that you test your food before splashing out on it – along with wedding cake testing, this will probably be one of your favourite things to plan for your wedding day! You should also splash out on the drinks for your wedding day – pick out a couple of signature cocktails and have an open bar for at least beer and wine over the course of the day so your guests can relax and let their hair down.

Your Music

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For a lot of us, music plays a big part of our lives. If this is the case for you, then the music at your wedding is something that you’ll want to spend a decent amount of both time and money on. There are a lot of options about music for your big day. If you hire a band, then go for a really good one, and remember that music you can dance to is the key. That means that a swing band will probably be a lot more fun than your friend’s brother’s rock band that does Nickelback covers. If you want a singer, make sure you go to one of their gigs before you hire them to make sure they aren’t too cheesy and that you enjoy their style of music. If you hire a DJ, make sure that their sound system is high quality and talk to them about their playlist before your wedding to make sure that all your favourites are on there. You could also go for a cheaper option and make a playlist yourself – although this might not be the most expensive option, you’ll definitely have to spend some extra time on it.

Your Dress


Not everyone feels great about themselves every day, and if you don’t have much confidence, you need to pick a wedding dress that makes you feel beautiful. If that entails splashing out on a more expensive gown, then so be it. If you’re a little shy then standing up in front of people is a nerve-wracking experience anyway, and your wedding day will probably be the most photographed day of your life, so you need to feel comfortable about your appearance. Get a good quality dress that’s well-structured and that suits your body type, along with shoes that you’ll be able to spend a lot of time walking around in.

Your Guest List


If you have a big family or a lot of friends, then chances are you’ve had to put together a very extensive guest list. This may seem a little stressful and it can be expensive, but welcoming all your loved ones to your big day will be a really joyful experience for you, your partner, and your families. If you decide to do this, remember to send out invites like these Paper Themes wedding invitations to give very clear instructions to all your guests for what they have to do for your big day, so you don’t get a load of questions you have to answer!

Your Décor


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If you’re a very visual and artistic person, then chances are your décor will be important to you. Pick a venue with high ceilings like a barn so you can string fairy lights up and really put your own stamp on a space without the anonymity of a hotel function room. Not everyone chooses to have flowers at their wedding, but if you do choose to go for them, make sure you go all out. No one wants to see a few moth-eaten daisies at the centre of the table at a wedding reception! Talk to a florist to brainstorm your ideas and to ensure that your chosen flowers go with your colour scheme and that they’ll look fresh and vibrant all day. If you want, you could hire a venue decorator to make sure that your space really lives up to what you want out of it, that you have a coherent colour scheme, and that it suits your personalities well.

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