Wedding Photography – Smartphone or Photographer?

Taking photos and capturing memories on your smartphone is a way of life now. Uploading to Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat is what we all do. In fact, with all the editing software and filters available on smartphones we are all inspiring photographers.

However, while society has increased its smartphone camera usage, wedding photography is one area that remains traditional. On most engaged couples wedding planning list is to hire a professional photographer.

Wedding photography - smartphone or photographer?

Here I will share with you why wedding photography is still very much important today.


Your photos will be precious memories of your special day. By not hiring a professional you may lose all those important details. Is it worth the risk to you?

By hiring a professional wedding photographer, you will have a piece of mind knowing they have all the right equipment. They will make sure that thing’s like the camera’s date and time is correct to allow for chronological editing, to using camera tripods to maximise sharpness in those all-important portrait shots,

It’s true that you would save money by using friends with cameras, but will they know all the in’s and out’s of photography  such as when to use a flash and how to incorporate the background into a shot? Do they know that  if a background isn’t going to add anything to the photo, it might be worth setting the exposure down to -2 . This helps to darken it and help your subjects (the bride and groom) stand out more. You would raise the shutter speed to do this.  

Memories and keepsakes

Every guest now likes a ‘souvenir’ from the day and there has been a rise in the popularity of photobooths. Whereas they used to be in shops, the photobooth is now the ‘must-have’ when organising a wedding. I know I love photobooths, they are great fun and bring a bit of laughter to the wedding day. This idea has seemed to take over from the old disposable cameras, which are actually hard to find and buy nowadays!

Only just a few years back, the married couple would see a selection of prints from the photographer, now thanks to the Cloud it’s possible  to share images digitally. This allows photographers to create online portals for couples to easily view and share their photos.

Do you prefer the old traditional way with a photographer or are you up with the times and happy with smartphones?

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  1. I regret not using a professional photographer at our wedding as there are no good photos of the two of us together. Seriously, not one!

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