How Do We View Old Age?

Growing up my dad was always older then all my friends dads, but I never viewed him as old. In fact he’s more young at heart than my mum who is a lot younger than him. He says “you are as old as you feel”.

But as a society how do we view old age?

People nowadays are so much into their looks it’s unreal. You hear about plastic surgery stories from people trying to stay young and botox injections to make wrinkles disappear.

Everyone wants to live in a Peter Pan world of never growing up.

I’m sure if you asked an 18 year old what age would you associate with being old, I bet they would say something like 60. What about the middle aged? What would they say? 70? Now how about asking the older generation. I believe they would say something like 75+. So as you can see people’s perception of age can vary a lot.


This leads onto the question – Why are so many people scared of old age?

As the years have gone by the life expectancy in the UK has risen considerbly. Just think that the elderly people around us now that are in their late 80’s and 90’s have seen a lot in the world. They may have even fought in World War II. They are heroes, and yet they are treated with pity instead of respected. Treated like babies instead of our wise elders.

Are they scared of becoming needy?

Bathing Solutions have a fantastic campaign at the moment called #BreakingBarriers.  This campaign is to help diminish the social stigma surrounding old age and to help the elderly get out and learn a new skill.


But what can we do to help the elderly with out disrespecting their wishes?

  • Give them their independence at home

-This could be with stairlifts, hearing and moblity aids.

-Walk in showers in their bathroom, or bath seats and grab bars. Bathing Solutions have a wide range of equipment to help with mobilty issues in the bathroom. Making bath time safer, comfortable and relaxing.

  • Be Patient

-Sometimes its takes the elderly a little longer than most to get off the bus, or walk down the stairs. Just let them take their time.

  • Don’t assume they have disabilities

-Assuming an elderly person has a hearing problem or poor eyesight can be extremely condescending. It’s just better to be up front and ask them.

  • Talk to them.

-Striking up a conversation may be the only time they get to chat to someone that day. I know in my day I have this lovely elderly lady who comes in most days just for a slice of ham. She lives on her own, but makes the effort to come out of the house everyday. So I always have time to just have a chit chat with her. I’m sure it makes her day.

I would love to hear your thoughts on how you view old age?


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