Top Tips for Upgrading your Phone

I always find upgrading my phone an exciting little job. Although I know others find it a daunting task. Nowadays most of us have mobile phones and many have theirs on some type of contract. It could be a pay as you go or a monthly contract. Either way it’s always worth having a look and see where you can save money. It could be that you have way too many minutes or texts that you don’t use each month or even data (if you are like me and use every bit of free wifi I can find!!) There is always a saving to be had.

Contact Numbers UK have asked me to come up with my best tips for phone upgrades and why it’s worth upgrading your phone for their #PhoneUpgradeTips campaign.

Mobile phone upgrade tips

So here are my Top Tips regarding phone upgrades, how to move all your existing stuff on your old phone over and why it’s worth upgrading in the first place.

Upgrading your Phone Top Tips

  • Decide what you need from a phone

Think about what you want from a phone. For me it’s important to have a really good camera on my phone for taking blog photos. I currently have the iPhone 6s which is my second iPhone and now I wouldn’t change to any other make. I sync all my devices together so I can access everything I need. Plus knowing I will have another iPhone next time I know it’s simple to change to a new phone just by backing everything up onto the ‘cloud’ and it will magically be there on the new one!

Maybe you like to have a good screen for gaming on your phone or only just use yours for making calls. Whatever you decide please make sure you know before you head into a phone shop or you may find the salesperson overwhelming with their sales pitches.

  • Decide on a budget for you

Owning a phone can be expensive. Most contracts you literally just pay for the phone and a little extra for the data. But each time a new phone comes out the contracts get more expensive. Is is really worth owning the latest iPhone? Knowing most of those contracts are for 24 months so you are stuck with that one for 2 years. (That’s from my provider!) I can never justify an extortionate amount of money for the latest phone. I prefer to go with an older model knowing in a couple of years time I will get the chance to have that new phone!

  • Research your tariffs/phone

Have a look back over your present contract and see if you used all your minutes/texts/data allowance each month. If not maybe you can make a saving here for your next plan. Have a look around online and read what’s included in the tariffs and phone plans and work out the best one for you. Head into a store to try out the phone you are interested in and find out if you like the size/shape/weight.

  • Call your mobile phone provider

The best thing I did when I changed last time was to call up my network provider. Everyone wants to keep their customers and will go over the odds to do that. I told them exactly what I wanted and how I found the same deal elsewhere cheaper and even provided them with the link so they could check.

They were as good as gold and said as I was a valued customer and had been with them for over 8 years they would match the deal plus take a little extra off each month for me. Success!

If you need some help in finding your network provider’s phone number Contact Numbers UK have all of them readily available such as EE, Vodaphone and Three amongst others.

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Top tips for upgrading your phone


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Are you looking at upgrading your phone at the moment? I hope these tips will help you decide.

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