Time for cleaning your house? See these good and bad habits.

Time to clean your home again? Dull, huh? Not necessarily. Actually, cleaning can actually be quite fun, and not at all as time-consuming as you think. Especially with the right tools and a high performing steam mop. We interviewed maids from leading cleaning companies and they advised us how to clean our homes quickly and efficiently. And according to specialists, cleaning your home can be ten times faster if you just break the bad habits and replace them with good ones. And, believe us, we, too, were shocked when we found out about these habits.

Tips on cleaning your house

Using bleach to clean is wrong

Your mother lied to you when she said that there isn’t a better all-purpose cleaner than bleach. In fact, bleach has no cleaning properties at all. Thus, if you use it as a cleaning product, the bleach is as good as nothing. Another lie you’ve been told is that bleach never expires – actually bleach loses 90 percent of it’s disinfectant properties just 60 days after it’s first use.

The right habit to adopt: Inform yourself before you declare a product the perfect all-purpose cleaner. You’ll be surprised but vinegar, for example, is ten times more effective than bleach (and it’s not only a disinfectant like bleach – it’s good for cleaning, too).

Too much detergent is wrong

Whoever told you that using half a bottle of detergent will kill more germs than if you use the right amount of detergent is one big liar, as we were told from a maid working for Tidy Cleaning London. We decided to make an experiment of our own to see for ourselves and it turned out that using too much detergent will actually eliminate less bacteria and dirt! If that’s not a good enough reason for you to stop using too much cleaning product, just consider how expensive detergents are – this will certainly make you break that habit.

The right habit to adopt: Always read labels, they’ll inform you exactly how much cleaning products you should use. This rule applies even when you don’t use market-bought detergents, but you make them yourself – using too much detergents is wrong even when they are Eco-friendly.

Not to start by making the bed is wrong

There was a reason for our mums to desperately try to teach you to make your bed every morning when you were a kid. Just with this simple task you can make your room look cleaner than it actually is. What’s more, scientific experiments show that making the bed every morning is everything you need to motivate yourself to be productive for the rest of the day.

The right habit to adopt: Make your bed in the morning. If you haven’t created that habit yet, it may be difficult for you to adopt it, but it’s like riding a bike – once learned, it can never be forgotten.

Not to involve your family in the process is wrong

If you want to spend more time with your family, you can always indulge your family in the cleaning process. The cleaning shouldn’t be only your job – after all, it’s not only you who clutters, right?

The right habit to adopt: Give your children age-appropriate tasks. They won’t just teach your kids to be responsible but also to keep their places clean, and, believe it or not – those tasks will also teach your children respect for others’ possessions.

And finally, always opt to a 15-minute night routine than a 15-minute morning routine. It’s always better to wake up in a decluttered and arranged home than to wake up and start washing dishes, don’t you think?

Thanks for stopping by today, I hope these tips will help you in cleaning your house.

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