Sending a Special Gift To a Loved One

What do you buy for a sister’s 40th birthday that lives overseas? I want it to be a special gift as you only turn 40 once, but of course it can’t really be breakable and something that is allowed to fly to that country.

It’s gonna be weird not seeing my sister on such a special birthday, it was the same a few years back when I had my 30th. We are very close, always have been but it’s hard when you live over 3000 miles apart in different time zones. When we do see each other we catch up as if we saw each other only yesterday.

Me and my sister

So I have had my thinking cap on for a few weeks now, but haven’t got any further forward with the special gift list.

What I have on my list so far:

  • Watch
  • Jewellery – was thinking a nice bracelet, maybe a charm bracelet.
  • One of those personalised year of birth books
  • A personalised print
  • Mug – (someone always buys a mug for a gift)
  • An acre of land on the moon – how cool would this be! Not sure it’s right for a 40th birthday present but you have to say it’s a fantastic special gift! it could be easy to post to another country as well.

special gift

You have to think about the size of sending a gift abroad as well. Postage costs can be extortionate, but it pays to shop around, have some reasonable postage costs to look at.

When my older sister comes home for a holiday later next month, I will take her out for a birthday treat. Tea and cake is a favourite of hers as well as mine! I have her 4oth birthday badge all ready, you are never too old for a badge are you?

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Have you any good ideas for a 40th birthday special gift?

As always I love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by today.

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2 thoughts on “Sending a Special Gift To a Loved One

    1. Thanks Stevie.
      It’s hard having sisters living abroad when it comes to birthdays and other celebrations, but we all manage to live our very different lives. xx

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