A Last Minute Christmas Can Still Be A Cracking One

Christmas has a habit of sneaking up every year. If you’re a little behind on the Christmas band wagon this year, you’ve come to the right place. It can be scary if you haven’t considered preparations or presents at this stage, but you still have time. The trick is to stay calm and think through what you need to do. Make a list and get going as soon as possible! No one ever needs to know you left things to the last minute. These pointers should help set you off in the right direction.

Last minute christmas shopping

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Your last minute Christmas shopping behaviour will be slightly different to your usual. At this late notice, it’s risky to order online. Some sites provide last delivery dates before Christmas. If you’re feeling brave, order from these. Though, bear in mind that items sometimes take longer than expected to arrive! If you can’t find dates on a site at all, it’s safest to assume that they won’t come in time. The only thing for it is to hit the shops! Plan your shopping carefully, to ensure you get it done as fast as possible. Plan where you need to go. Bear in mind that those shops are bound to be full now. Most towns have late opening hours over the two weeks before Christmas. Check if your chosen town does this, and take advantage. It may still be busier than you expect, but you won’t have to fight the crowds quite so much as you would during the day.


No Christmas day would be complete without Christmas decorations. Most shops keep their decorations available all through December. People put their decorations up at different times, after all! You should be able to find decorations easily. If your local shops have sold out, head to a Christmas garden store that’s sure to have plenty of trees and decorations left for you to choose from! Putting up decorations will also help you feel the Christmas spirit you’re likely lacking. Stock up on some festive treats and put some Christmas songs on while you’re putting them up. Little things like that will help you feel the magic!


The last thing on our list is Christmas food. You can’t get your veg until the last minute, but there are still some things you should get before they sell out. Mince pies are a must, as is a turkey! If you’re going down the fresh turkey route, you’ll need to wait until nearer the day too. Careful not to leave it too long, though. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a turkey to carve! If you have room in the freezer, it might be worth getting a frozen one, just to be sure. Make sure you defrost it before the day, though! Don’t forget, to get some Christmas cake! You’re too late to make one at this stage, but there are plenty of Christmas cakes for sale that will do the job.

Are you prepared for Christmas? or are you a last minute shopper? As always I love to hear your thoughts.


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