How to Upkeep Your Female Friendships

As mothers, friends, and sisters our friendships and relationships are a crucial part of our lives. Related by blood or not we are all sisters when we need a shoulder to cry on or turn to for advice for when times get tough. We celebrate the good moments and laugh about the old times when we can, but maybe this isn’t enough. It may be a struggle staying in touch regularly because of the long hours at work and the commitments you have to make if you’re a mother or studying at university. In this article, you’ll be energized to pick up your friendships again no matter the day or year.

How to Upkeep Your Female Friendships
How to Upkeep Your Female Friendships

1.    Plan a Mini Makeover Day

If you never seem to have the time to pamper yourself regularly because of the many commitments in your life, there’s nothing better than treating you and your friends to a day of various makeovers. Taking time out of your day to go to the hairdressers and try out a new hairdo will make you feel rejuvenated and fresh. Being accompanied by a couple of your friends will trigger the relentless girl conversations and gossip.

2.    Painting and Sip Class

You don’t have to be an art enthusiast to enjoy art. There are classes that are now available to attend for fun environmental purposes. You’ll have full control of your creativity and will be able to express this through the class while having beverages for relaxation. They are easily affordable, so everyone can chip in to make this event memorable. If you would like to do this separately, you could go to a wine tasting session instead. 

3.    Spa Experience 

Creating the perfect spa experience for you and your girls will allow you all to relax and not think about the many worries circling your mind. Having a massage will relieve all stress and change your mood dramatically. You can let conversations flow and the aroma of the sweet spa scent takeover your body.

4.    Travels 

Planning trips with your friends will be the perfect time to catch up and relax under the sun. Whether that be road trips or trips abroad gathering up all your luggage and jetting yourself away would be cleansing to the mind. To get the best experience when travelling, 2021 Villa Holidays will provide you with the best first-class facilities.

5.    Food Market Festivals 

Market stalls will be around during the summertime where they’ll sell various types of food for all your friends to try out. This could lead to a nice picnic in a park nearby while you enjoy the glorious weather. This will bring people together as everyone will be in an uplifting spirit celebrating food. Everyone loves to eat so why not stuff yourself with as many goodies as you can.

6.    Movie Night

You don’t have to go to the cinema to watch a film you can simply set up a movie night at your house. Invite all your friends over and pile up the blankets and popcorn and get cosy watching a few of your favourite movies all night long.

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