Items Not To Put Down Your Drain

Pipes can easily become blocked, and should this happen, you will need to call in a specialist drain cleaning firm. There are certain substances that you should avoid putting down the drain, as they are prime causes of blockages, and here is a list to help ensure that your drainage system remains free of blockages.

Items Not To Put Down Your Drain
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  • Human Hair – We all lose our hair, which is a natural process, as hair follicles are replaced with new ones, and the best way to ensure that no human hair makes its way into your drains is to install fine wire mesh over the bath and shower plug holes. The hair can then be removed and thrown in the bin, where it can’t do any damage.
  • Soap Residue – If small pieces of soap are allowed to enter into your drains, they can easily stick to the pipes, and when combined with other substances, they can easily start a blockage. In the event you do have a blocked drain or have problems with a blocked sewer, contact the experts as they have both the equipment and know-how to remove the blockage.
  • Food Scraps – A major cause of drain blockages, you should avoid putting any food waste down the kitchen sink. The best idea is to have a small flip-top bin near the sink that you can put food waste in, and if you create a small compost area in the garden, you can make fertiliser for your shrubs, flowers, and vegetables, if you have any.
  • Fat & Cooking Oils – These are sure to cause a blockage, and while it is convenient to tip a small amount down the sink, you should resist the temptation. These substances act as a bonding agent that enables other substances to collect, which is often how a drain blockage begins.
  • Coffee Grounds – Another big no-no, coffee grounds will stick to the inner pipe surfaces and gradually, there will be a build-up that enables other substances to get a foothold. There are articles you can find online which share a list of things you should not put down the drain, which are recommended readings for all.
  • Cotton Balls & Paper Towels – Yes, they are absorbent, but when combined with other stuff, soggy tissue and cotton wool can easily create a blockage. Put small bins in the bathrooms for tissue paper, which will reduce the risk of a blocked drain.
Kitchen Towel
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  • Female Hygiene Products – Ask any plumber and he will confirm that tampons and other female hygiene products are a major cause of blocked drains, so please avoid throwing them down the toilet.

In the event that you do suffer a drain blockage, rather than trying to unblock it yourself, you are advised to call in a specialist company who have the knowledge and the equipment to make short work of the blockage, plus they will use a high-pressure water jet to flush the system, which helps keep your drains flowing freely. There are emergency numbers where the mobile teams will be on their way within a few minutes, no matter what time of day or night.

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