Lights, Action, Camera: Simple Set Up Tips for Your Ultimate Home Movie Theatre

It’s expensive to go out as a couple and especially for a family. It’s reason for people to start bringing the high-tech entertainment indoors via a home movie theatre. The lights, camera, and action do not come instantly. Erecting the ultimate home movie theatre requires effort and thought. It does not require, however, riches and disappointment, as long as you follow these tips.

Tips for the ultimate home movie theatre

The Essentials

What does a home entertainment theatre consist of? To start, you need a HDTV along with speakers, a receiver, and high-quality cables. A soundbar and subwoofer are optional components that heighten the home theatre experience. Some believe they can do without a receiver but the device works well in helping to balance sound quality.

The Television

The television is the integral component, the window into audio-visual entertainment. Of course, we all desire the best model available, but you don’t have to blow your wad, especially if you’re placing the unit in a larger room. 1080p and 780p look pretty similar from a distance so why pay premium prices when you’re not enjoying the features? You don’t need a ‘smart’ or 3D TV to build a quality home system.

The Speakers

Premium brand speakers are attractive, yet be sure you actually need them and that a set works well with the room. A small apartment does not need stadium-quality sound. Place the front speakers on an angle facing those seated in the room. You may have to play with positioning to find that sweet spot. Sound bounces around hard surfaces, so drape your windows and place a carpet on the floor between the speakers and listener. Visit RS Components for a wide selection of home theatre speakers.

The Rear Speakers

You want standing speakers placed at ear level. Set the speakers closer to the middle of the room versus near a wall which would cause vibration. Some place a subwoofer in the rear of the room out of sight. Putting the subwoofer closer to a wall (or even better, where two walls meet) will facilitate the bass effect.

The Sound

Some subscribe to hard rules about how speakers should be angled but the quality of the sound is what matters most. Adjust the placement of the couch, speakers, and television to achieve optimal sound. As mentioned, the dimensions of the room, as well as the position of furniture, rugs, and drapes, influence the sound.

The Cables

When it comes to high-quality audio-visual experience, cables matter. Be sure you invest in cables that deliver the right connection and power to your television and speakers. Most grab for HDTV cables. One exception is when connecting a high-def cable box to a HDTV; then, a HDMI cable is necessary. Comb online forums for discussions about the right cable for movies, gaming, etc.

The Space

Experts suggest finding a space that is about 20 feet long and 12 wide. Some good options include building a wing off of the family room, using a larger spare bedroom, or a hollow room above a garage. A space isolated from the rest of the house invites opportunity for better sound and higher quality speakers.


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