Why Are The Great Outdoors So Great?

If you’re stuck for something to do or worry your kids are spending too much time with their tech stuff, it’s time to embrace the great outdoors. From long rambling walks to short steep hikes, there is a whole range of ways to experience and enjoy the outdoors.

Need more convincing?

Here’s why the great outdoors are so great…

Health And Happiness

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Spending time outside is good for our health and happiness. These may sound like bold claims but they’re backed up by a surprising amount of statistics. Obviously going outside makes us more active, which, in turn, increases our health. Even going out for regular walks can increase out stamina, endurance, and physical function. Exercise in any form is a good way to lose weight and feel happier. For those suffering from depression, or even if you’ve just had a bad day, going outside can boost your mood. The great outdoors are also great because they lower stress level, in both adults and children.

Inexpensive Activities

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Finding ways to keep our kids constantly occupied can be tricky. There is a whole host of things they could do, like swimming, going to an arcade, or the movies perhaps. But these all cost quite a lot of money. Enjoying the outdoors is something the whole family can do, and, it’s absolutely free too. Taking a ball to the park, or going for a walk, are just some of the ways you can keep your child entertained (for less!). A great way to make a day of an outdoor excursion is to pack a rucksack and bring a picnic. Make sure you have plenty of water and juice, then add some sandwiches, crisps, and fruit, and you’ve got a decent picnic for a great day out.

Bonding Time



It’s hard to bond whilst watching a film or playing on the computer. These are very individual activities that you just happen to be sitting next to somebody for. Being outdoors is a great chance to bond with your kids, partner, or friends. As mentioned previously, it lifts the mood, which makes it the ideal atmosphere for bonding. Playing games, cycling, and chatting will all help you to get closer to your loved ones. You can even socialize in your own back garden. Invest in some rattan sun loungers and chairs for those warmer days and invite your friends over.

Educational Value



There’s a big educational value to spending time outdoors. For kids, it’s the chance to see and learn about different animals, insects, types of flowers, trees, and plants. For adults, it’s the chance to experience a hike for the first time or see a waterfall in a national park. The educational value really isn’t to be overlooked. Furthermore going outside can stimulate our imagination, whatever our age and leave us feeling inspired. It teaches us to have greater respect and admiration for nature too.

What is your favourite thing to do outdoors?

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