Do You Give Enough to Charity?

Ask yourself and answer honestly – do you feel as though you give enough to charity? Can you honestly say that you couldn’t give anything more to charity?

However you answer that question, it is worth considering as we are always being asked to give more and more to charitable causes, all of which a worthwhile. According to a study conducted by Hyundai Motor UK, the average Brit will give over £30,000 to charity over the course of their adult life. That’s more than the average annual salary.

According to the research, Oxford is the country’s most generous city with residents donating on average just over £400 every year. That means, if you a reading this blog entry in Oxford, you probably are giving your fair share to charity.

Do You Give Enough to Charity?

What We Can Afford

Of course, £400 to one person may be worth a lot more to another person with considerably less income. It is all very dependent on the situation at the time, so while Oxford may at first appear to be the most generous in terms of figures, that may well be inflated by residents on large incomes that can more than afford it.

Many of us live from payday to payday, carefully budgeting our finances in order to make our income last between paycheques. That probably means that, after all of the household bills and other necessities have been accounted for, there isn’t much in the way of disposable income. On top of that, you may be saving up for personal luxuries such as holidays and/or other events and material goods. There isn’t anything wrong with that, but could do without a few extra treats in favour of giving those extra pounds to charity?

In contrast, in Islam it is customary to give a percentage of disposable income to charity in an act that is known as zakat, making up one of the five pillars of Islam. If you are wondering what is zakat, it is an annual payment that is calculated based upon an eligible Muslim’s wealth that is paid after one full lunar year.


The best way to raise money for charity is undoubtedly through fundraising events where you can get others involved and raise awareness for a cause all at the same time. Not only can events be highly successful, raising hundreds, if not thousands, for charity they can also be a lot of fun for all involved.

Challenges, such as running a marathon, sponsored silences and bungee jumps among others all make for great fundraisers. Sponsors will almost certainly be more than willing to give a set amount in the name of your challenge – even if only just to see you suffer, just a little bit!

Fundraisers are great for encouraging a community spirit, bringing everyone together to raise money for charity. Fun days, featuring something for everyone young and old, can quickly turn into annual traditions that are looked forward to all year around.

Do You Give Enough to Charity?

Small Sacrifices

Charity is all about making small sacrifices that make a big difference. A few pounds to you may be a few snacks, a magazine or a cup of coffee. To someone else, it may pay for medical care, provide a place to sleep and clean water – in the grand scheme of things, what really is more important?

We probably could do more, but that doesn’t mean forgoing any luxuries in your own life. If we were all to make a few extra sacrifices, just think of the big difference that would add up to. It would be extraordinary.

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You can find some money saving tips here, which you could spare for charity.

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