Why Should You Have A Dash Camera In Your Car?

When I trawl through my Facebook feed there is usually some story that grabs my attention. I love easy reading trashy stories. They are normally from online news sites such as the Metro. At the moment it’s the Trump stories that keep cropping up. The latest one is that Trump is considering plans that will affect us all if we travel to the US. He is thinking about making all foreign visitors hand over their mobile phone contacts. What and earth is the world coming to? Were people in their right minds to vote for someone like him?

I know I seem to be getting off track, I suppose Trump does that to you! but going back to the Metro, I recently read a story on there that got me thinking about staged car accidents. A totally different subject to Trump I know!

Staged car accidents are carried out by fraudsters, that’s people with no conscience, are very selfish people and have no care for the innocent people that get accidentally mixed up in this. Fraudsters are in it for money. Plain and simple. They don’t care for the consequences. They don’t care that our car insurance premiums rise each year. They don’t care for the emotional distress that they have caused.

Vehicle accident cameras - dash camera

One way of protecting yourself is to have a dash camera. These cameras are excellent at capturing what is happening ahead of you. In fact here is a guide to vehicle cameras with fantastic tips on how these cameras are helping to catch fraudsters and dangerous drivers.

I have read stories that these fraudsters drive along roads preying on innocent drivers then all of a sudden stop dead in front of you making you crash into them. Another way they can catch you is that they flash their lights while you are waiting to turn into a junction to let you go, next thing you know you have hit them as they have kept on going and make it look as if you turned into them. They of course deny all knowledge of flashing you to let you go.

There are also instances of drivers trying to claim damages and personal injuries for themselves when no accident or very little damage has occurred.

Now if you had a dash camera all of this would be recorded on film. The fraudsters would have no leg to stand on. So having a camera installed into your car is definitely something to consider. There are some insurance companies that will actually give you a discount if you have a dash camera fitted. A great little money-saving idea! Plus you are pretty sure to keep your no-claims discount as you have evidence you were not at fault.

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