7 Hints and Tips on Choosing a Greenhouse

Welcome back to 7 Hints and Tips Thursday. It’s been a while since I wrote one of these posts and today I have a really useful one for you. It’s on how you go about choosing the correct greenhouse for you.

Choosing the right greenhouse for you
As you know I love gardening and I have been thinking about greenhouses for a while. I have always loved to have one to grow all sorts of vegetables in it. Like Tomatoes and beans.

So as I have been researching greenhouses recently I thought I would come up with a simple hints and tips post on how I can help choose the right greenhouse for your needs.
  • The thing about greenhouses is that you need to have a space for it in your garden that will catch the sun, has to be easily accessible and of course depends on your own budget. East-West facing is always best but remember not to have it under trees.
  • Greenhouses come in many different styles, shapes and sizes depending on what you want out of your greenhouse. It’s always best I think to go with the biggest greenhouse you can afford as I am sure after a while you will get lots of use from it.
  • You need a firm foundation to lay your greenhouse on it. My dad made a concrete base for his. But you can use bricks or timber.
    Old greenhouse
  • You can choose wooden or aluminium frames bearing in mind that wood frames will need lots more upkeep and can rot over time.
  • Glass or plastic can be used to glaze your greenhouse. Affordable greenhouse acrylic glazing sheets can be found at Simply Plastics. I think if you have children plastic is much safer than glass. The acrylic is weather resistant, has excellent light transmission and is durable, Definitely something to consider if you have a family. You never know where that stray football will end up!
  • Make sure the greenhouse you want has plenty of vents. It’s important to let the hot moving air to flow out and the cold air to come in.
  • Think about the water supply to your greenhouse. Do you want mains water supply or are you happy with a water butt? I prefer rainwater so having a water butt connected to the greenhouses guttering is a must.
I hope these hints and tips will make it easier in choosing the right greenhouse for you.
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  1. This is very interesting! We just got a mobile greenhouse for our garden at work but I'm afraid it will get to hot inside and keep everything from getting the rain water. I'm currently turning my sunroom at home into an little herb garden. We will see how it works. Thanks for sharing these tips. #TribalLove

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