What are the Benefits of Online Shopping?

Do you love to shop online?

Now that Christmas is only a few weeks away it’s time to start thing about your Christmas shopping. That’s if you like to be organised. I know people that are completely last minute shoppers and wonder why there is nothing left that they want! I do have a Women’s and Babie’s & Kid’s gift guides for the slightly different gifts if you are a bit stuck on ideas.

I’m a super organised person, or at least I like to think so, so I’ve been thinking about Christmas presents for a while now. With it being baby girl’s first Christmas I’m super excited!


I have always been a lover of online shopping especially Amazon. When we knew we were pregnant we signed up to Amazon Prime. It’s been so helpful with getting all the baby things we needed and with unlimited one-day delivery on most things, it’s been very helpful. Especially when I couldn’t drive for 6 weeks after my c-section. They also have a contact number which is ideal in the run up to Christmas if you are worrying about deliveries arriving.

I think online shopping has many benefits.

  • Convenient – Sit at home in your pj’s while browsing the web, ideal if it’s a wet rainy day and you don’t want to take the kids out. Plus it’s fantastic if you have a busy lifestyle with limited time to physically go and shop.
  • Cheaper – Most online stores can offer better deals as you have missed out the middle man.
  • Easier to Compare Prices – I love to find bargains and save money. By shopping online it’s much more easier to price compare before you make the decision to buy.
  • More Variety – So much more choice online. A greater selection of colours and sizes that shops don’t have the room to stock. Limited geographical regions won’t stop you from getting that most wanted thing! By shopping online you can buy from anywhere in the world.
  • No Crowds – Shop at your own leisure without being pushed around by big noisy crowds, especially on the build up to Christmas.
  • Fewer Expenses – No car parking charges, fuel costs or that sneaky coffee and cake purchase while having a rest from all that shopping!
  • Discreet Purchases are Easier – I will leave that one to you!
  • No Pressure Sales by Shop Assistants
  • Easy access to consumer reviews  – With just the simple click of a button.


There are many benefits of online shopping, but at the end of the day its people’s preference. Just remember to be careful with your personal details when shopping online and only use trusted sites.

 Do you love to shop online? Or do you brave the crowds?


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