Living Arrows 4/53 (2018)

I’m so proud of myself for regularly keeping up with this year’s Living Arrows. Here we are on week 4 already! You can catch up on last week’s post here – Living Arrows 3/53.

The idea behind Living Arrows is to celebrate childhood. It’s name is taken from a poem by Kahlil Gibran,

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”


Last week both my husband and myself had a week off work. It’s the first time we have had decent time off together since last October (Christmas we only had two days together). So we started off the week sorting out the garage and unpacking boxes we hadn’t got around to when we moved last June. Finding all the baby stuff out that we had packed away. From Wednesday onwards it was a few days of fun! Well between the heavy Cornish rain showers!

We did manage to get to our park which is right down the road from where we live. It was fun as we were the only ones there! Baby girl loved playing on the swings and she had her first go on the little motorbike. She wasn’t too sure about that.


Living Arrows 4/53

I suppose with both of us with her all week we have noticed her speech skills develop vastly. New sentences are popping out of her mouth and plenty of new words.

This past week we have heard:


“Penny” – from Fireman Sam

“Dad” – up until this point she’s been calling her daddy “Days”

“Meet You” – She will shake your finger as if to say ‘nice to meet you’

I have enjoyed every moment with her this week and know I will be dreading going back to work today. I suppose the good thing to look forward to is that I only have 6 weeks of work left until my maternity leave starts. Then she will have her mummy all the time.

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  1. I always noticed my boy’s speech improve lots when we spent huge chunks of time with them. Least you only have 6 weeks til mat leave – it will go by so quickly. x

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