Small Living Room Ideas, Designs and Inspiration

The living room is my favourite room in the house. It’s where we spend the most time. The space we have isn’t the biggest but I do love the coziness of it. We have been living here for 4 months so now is the time to think about how we want our space to be.

Small Living Room Ideas

Oak Furniture

One thing is for certain I want Oak furniture to feature. It’s timeless, worth investing in and very stylish. It will last for ever! There is something about Oak Wood, that makes a home feel warm. With it’s natural beauty and strength it will last forever.

I’ve done some research and if you have a smallish living room, to make the area seem bigger you can use Mirrors. Mirrors give a sense of light and space about the place.

Cuba Oak Mirror - Small Living room spaces

Lifestyle Furniture has a great Oak Wood range called Cuba which is a lighter shade of oak. Again lighter shades are great for smaller spaces. This storage cabinet below would be a perfect accompaniment to a TV unit made of the same material. It’s not to large so won’t take up the whole living space.

Oak Furniture storage cupboard - perfect for a small living room

I would suggest if you are looking at Oak Wood for your living room space, then see if you can get a few wood samples to get the right shade of furniture pieces. Lifestyle Furniture is one that provides a free wood sample service so you can make the correct decision of the best wood. But if you still get your furniture and decide it’s not the piece for you, they offer a free exchange service, giving you a piece of mind.

Ideas for decorating a small living room:

  • Use a pastel shade palate. This is to help keep the room warm and inviting.
  • Keep window dressings simple. I have used floor length curtains to draw the eye upwards to create the illusion of space. Plus they have a subtle vertical stripe design to give the sense of height.
  • Use floating shelves to display your things.
  • Create colour schemes that match the cushions and wall decorations.

What ideas do you have for designing a small living room? Will you be using any of these ones?

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Photo credits : Lifestyle Furniture


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  1. We have a small living room too! It helped a lot to knock down the wall between it and the wee dining room. There was a fireplace in each room so we kept only one of the fireplaces and that also saved space, as well as covering up one doorway. 😀 I like the idea of mirrors – haven’t done that one yet actually! xx

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